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How to Log in to Rockspace Extender?

Have a Rockspace extender? That’s good, it means you pledged to eliminate the WiFi dead zones to boost your internet speed. In order to fulfill that pledge, you need to set up Rockspace extender by doing Rockspace login.  But, do you find the login instructions mentioned in the Rockspace WiFi extender manual difficult? Don’t worry as we have got your back. In this article, we will tell you about the steps through which you can easily log in to the Rockspace extender. So, keep reading.

  Steps: Log In to Rockspace Extender

  1. Plug-in the Extender

So, we assume that you have unboxed your Rockspace extender. After this, you have to plug the extender into a power outlet near your router. Ensure the following points while plugging in the Rockspace extender:

  1. Check whether the power socket you are using for the plug-in is damaged or broken from any side or not. If yes, then fix it or you can replace it with a new one.
  2. Verify if the power socket can provide electricity to the extender sufficiently or not.
  3. Along with the above-mentioned point, check the power cable of the extender. A minor fault can cause a serious issue.
  4. Make sure you wisely choose the location for plugging in the extender. As placing the extender too far from the router may weaken the signals and by placing them too close, the clashing of signals will happen.
  1. Press the Power Button

After plugging the extender into the active power socket, you need to hit the Power button in order to switch it on. In a while, the LED of the Rockspace extender will start glowing. It means your Rockspace is now tone step closer to serve you with high-speed internet.

  1. Connect Extender to Router

In order to connect the extender to the router, you can either use an Ethernet cable or a wireless source. No matter which method you used for connection, ensure the connection stability throughout the process. And, if you are using an Ethernet cable, check whether it is damaged or worn out. Otherwise, you will face difficulty in connecting the extender to the router. 

  1. Switch On the PC 

After connecting the extender to the router, the next step is to switch on the PC. Ensure the PC is getting a continuous power supply. Otherwise, it will cause an issue in the setup process. And with this, you must ensure that the PC must be running on an updated software version.

  1. Open a Web Browser 

Open Google Chrome on your device. If you are using any other web browser, don’t worry, you can easily use it without having any second thoughts. But ensure the web browser is running on an updated version and with this, clear all cache, cookies, and junk files from it. Also, keep in mind that unnecessary opened tabs or windows in the background may cause hurdles in the setup process.

  1. Access the Rockspace Login Page 

The next step in order to set up the Rockspace extender is to access the Rock space login page. For the purpose to access the login page, first you need to locate the address bar and enter the http://re.rockspace.local in it. Don’t forget to add http:// before re.rockspace.local. Once done with typing the default web address, hit Enter. Apart from this, do not make the mistake of entering the web address in the search bar but rather use the address bar.

  1. Click the Log In Button

After accessing the Rockspace login page, enter the required login credentials in their respective fields. Make use of the default username and password for this purpose, you can change both of them according to you, but after login to Rockspace extender. As the login credentials are case sensitive, ensure that the Caps Lock key must be off. Now, you need to hit the Log In button. Then, you will be taken to the dashboard of the Rockspace extender. 

Here completes the Rockspace extender login process. However, to complete Rockspace WiFi extender setup, you have to follow some on-screen prompts. And in this way, you are done with setting up the Rockspace extender. In the event that you have set up the Rockspace extender successfully, feel free to drop some lines into the comment section.

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