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How to Gain Skills with Completing Certificate III in Individual Support Perth?

The aged care industry is going through its golden phase. With the ongoing rise in the numbers of aged people across Australia, demand for skilled individuals is also rising rapidly. Certificate III in aged care Perth and other advanced courses train individuals the essentials of this service and prepare them for the ample job roles available in the market.

Let’s now discuss the skills you can learn in Certificate 3 course and what opportunities you can expect after pursuing this course.

Skills You Learn in Certificate 3 in Individual Support Course

Individualised Care

The primary goal of an aged carer who has completed Certificate III in Individual Support is to provide individualised care and support to clients. The role requires the carers to be adept at doing household chores, assisting the clients with physical, mental and emotional support, and even empowering them to achieve functional independence and lead an active and healthy lifestyle.

For you to be an efficient aged carer, you need to hone your skills during the course and learn to adapt to the different needs of different clients. At times, you may also need to furnish speciality care to patients suffering from chronic disabilities or neurodegenerative diseases like dementia and Alzheimer’s.

Medical Skills

One of the most important as an aged caregiver is maintaining the medication schedule of the clients. Old age often makes people forgetful, and some even struggle to take their medication due to physical limitations. A caregiver needs to understand the implications of the various medicines and monitor the health progress of the clients.

The course trains individuals to assess the health symptoms of their clients and take quick remedial action in case of any emergency situation. For clients with critical medical conditions, this skill becomes all the more important.

Communication Skills

Many elderly people live alone in their homes with no children or family to look after them. One of the many things they seek other than support and care is companionship. As an aged carer, one part of your job would be to communicate with your clients and build strong bonds with them, which they can count on. They should feel free to share their needs with you without hesitating, which would help you to be precise in your job.

Apart from that, the course teaches you to establish relations with fellow carers and sharpen your verbal and written communication skills so that you can be prompt in communicating with your supervisor and family members of the patients.

Hands-on Experience

More than theoretical knowledge, practical hands-on experience is much more preferred by employers in the aged care sector. The course exposes you to real-life situations and familiarises you with the challenges that come with the job. That way, you grow to be more confident and get a competitive advantage during interviews.

You also get to work in diverse residential, nursing and community settings that add to your pool of knowledge and experience.

Knowledge of First Aid

The regulations of first aid change from time to time, and as an aged carer, you should always adhere to the latest ones. For example, the first aid norms have seen major changes after the COVID-19 pandemic, with new safety measures added to the list.

You gain a first aid certification by completing the Cert 3 course, which trains you to follow all the best safety practices and minimise the potential risk factors. So, you can carry out any first aid process on your own without looking for any extra assistance.

Being Patient

Old age brings with it all kinds of problems. Many elderly people get jittery and anxious even with small and insignificant things. Some even cannot accept the fact that they need external help to carry on their normal day-to-day tasks. An aged carer’s job is to be patient with their clients and tactfully handle the situations.

There may be times when a carer has to deal with some odd behaviours of a client, and in such cases, it is best to effectively communicate and try to resolve the issues with patience. Behaving roughly with the clients can affect their mental and emotional wellbeing.

Becoming a Team Player

In order to advance in your aged care career, you need to upgrade your soft skills. As an aged care worker, most of the time, you engage with different people such as fellow carers, clients, family members, supervisors etc., so it is crucial to be proficient in teamwork and collaboration. You should be able to cooperate with other team members and assist them in every possible way.

The elderly care courses also hone your problem-solving skills so that you can tackle any challenge that comes your way individually or as together as a team.

Job Opportunities after Completing Certificate 3 Course

The Certificate 3 aged care course is a nationally recognised qualification, so it brings you varied job opportunities from across the country. You can apply for the following job positions after completing this course:

    • Carer and Aide

    • Personal Care Assistant

    • Support worker

    • Aged care worker

    • Residential care worker

    • Community care worker

    • Assistant in Nursing

Further Studies

After completing your Cert 3 course and serving for some years in the aged care sector, you can continue your studies to secure higher job positions in the industry. You can pursue the following courses after Cert 3 course:

    • Certificate IV in Ageing Support

    • Certificate IV in Disability

    • Certificate III in Health Services Assistance

    • Diploma of Community Services

    • Certificate IV in Leisure and Health

    • Diploma of Nursing

These courses would bring you lucrative job opportunities like that of a manager, supervisor, diversional therapist, service coordinator, aged care team leader and many more.

Final Words

The aged care sector has more than ample opportunities, and pursuing the Certificate 3 course is the basic qualification that can land you a job in this growing industry. You can get enrolled in any top-rated training centre that provides aged care training services at competitive rates.

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