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How To Gain Real Instagram Auto Likes Without Any Investment

So, you have been using Instagram for months and are not getting as many likes as you wish. Instagrammers often have so many creative ideas and content ideas in mind.  

You have so many goals on the platform. The most common goal among Instagrammers is to create a base audience. But, no matter how good your content may be, getting the number of likes and followers you want is hard. 

Many Instagrammers look for auto likers. But most of them are paid. But, there are some free optimization techniques. These techniques and some free auto likers mentioned in this article will help you gain the likes you want on your Instagram reels. 

So, if you are looking for free auto likes on your Instagram reels, this article might help you. 

Use Free Auto Liker

The simplest way here is to use a free auto liker. We understand that most of these auto likers are paid, and the likes you get are not all from real accounts. But there are tools like Igmods allowing you to gain free likes on reels. 

Igmods has different features, like helping you get the blue verification tick on your account and getting free Instagram followers. You can also gain free likes from real accounts. 

There are many alternatives like More likes, Grablikes, Sidesmedia, and Storm likes. But Igmods is the most useful of them all. Most of these auto likers are free, and they offer high-quality likes from real Instagram accounts.

Using Proper Hashtags

Using the proper hashtags is very relevant on Instagram. If you want organic reach and engagement on your Instagram, then you should rely on hashtags. There is a hashtag-related search option on Instagram.

When people search using a hashtag you used on your post, it will appear to complete strangers. So, it will help if you use relevant hashtags related to your post. For instance, if you are an illustrator, you can use different hashtags related to art, illustration, comics, storyboard, comic strips, and more. 

The proper use of hashtags will not only help you get likes organically, but you will also gather up some followers in the process. 

Tagging People 

You cannot expect a heavy rain of likes on your Instagram right after creating and posting it. You need to add hashtags, write a caption, and, most importantly, tag people who find the reel relevant.    

If you are creating a funny and compelling marketing reel for a product, make sure to tag a few people who follow you. Tagging people on your post will attract more users to your profile, and you will gain likes in the process. It is a way of gaining attention to your Instagram profile.

Tagging your followers can help engage them with your content even more. 

Captions Captions Captions

Indeed your image and video posts are the most compelling piece of content on Instagram. Reels are videos, and your audience mainly wants to watch them. But are captions important for reels? Yes, they are. Your captions can help you create the most compelling reels that people want to like. 

The best way to gain likes on Instagram reels is by creating compelling content. Writing compelling captions for your reels is one of those good practices that help you gain a number of likes on your Instagram reels. 

Tag Your Location

Tagging your location on the posts is a way of gaining likes automatically on your Instagram reels. When you use locations, geotagging, and hashtags, you give users a way to find your post and like them. 

A brick-and-mortar location helps more when it comes to gaining the attention of people to like your post. Geotagging and the use of location help you build a sense of community among the followers. As a result, this practice helps you gain more likes eventually. Also, it is free. 

Schedule Your Post 

Instagram is more about schedules than you might think. Instagram does not show posts chronologically. But the platform indeed prefers the recent post to show to the audience.

Also, you need to understand when your target audience (your followers ) is most active. If you want more engagement on your Instagram reels, you should schedule your reels for a specific time of the day. You can scour through your own Instagram analytics and find out a time when your followers are most active. 

Now, you can schedule your Instagram posts at that time and get them to like your posts regularly. 

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Bottom Line 

It is tough growing your Instagram audience when you are just starting. But there is more than one way to increase your audience base. In this article, we have talked about different ways of gaining likes on reels. You can use free auto likers; you can also use the optimization methods discussed here. 

Following these tips will surely help you gain more likes from real accounts on Instagram. However, if you have any further queries, you can ask questions in the comment. 

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