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How To Find Your Dream Wedding Dress

We’re so happy to hear that you’re about to get hitched. It should be an out-of-this-world kind of experience. And with this romantic time comes the excitement of choosing the perfect wedding dress!

It may look like a simple process, but it is tougher than you think. Although our choices are limited (thanks to tradition) – but we still get lost in the paradox of choice over choosing between silver on red, gold on red, and maybe a few more colour options. Which tone or red should it be? Should be antique gold or should you go with a newer look – It’s so hard to get a consensus from all the friends and family involved.

There is no simple answer to these questions as there are many factors that can contribute to the final selection and ultimately choosing ‘The One’. Here are a few things to consider: 

Things to consider:

1- Start Early: 

Take my word for it. Don’t leave this for the last moment- It takes forever to finalise a wedding dress – and the sooner you start hunting for one, the better it will be. You’ll save money, you’ll think everything through, and you won’t act impulsively. And in some cases, your favourite designers or trailers may not have the bandwidth to take your order. For smooth sailing, start at least six to eight months before the wedding date. 

2-  Budget: Start with figuring out how much you can spend on your dress. Be realistic. If money is not a problem, then the sky is the limit – in this case, you must invest in hand embroidery and luxurious material. You can find the best chiffon, raw silk, and/or organza and get a tailor-made dress stitched by a well know designer like HSY. You can have heavy embroidery done on your lehenga choli, gown, or shirt with sharara. Moreover, you can leave a trail on the lehenga to make it more luxurious and eye-catching. How about a shawl or a dupatta with beautiful work on the borders? If you’re on a mid-level budget then you may look for an upcoming yet talented designer who is going to give you a decent dress at a lower price tag. If you are low on budget, I recommend you opt for ready-made dresses – most of these ready-made clothes are machine-made and cost a lot less- trust me, some of them are outstanding designs and you will look like a queen wearing them. Only that they are not unique to you. Who cares about that anyway? 

3-  Pick a color: 

The traditional Pakistani wedding color for women has been the color Red. The ancient custom comes from the Hindu belief that this color is the color of fertility. Other than different tones of red, you have pink and orange options. Some contemporary brides wear tones of green and blue as well. The color should spell out the statement you want to make on your wedding day. If you want to stick to tradition, then deep red tones are your option. If you have a thing for contemporary looks, then you may look into jewel tones. You already know what color looks good on you and brings out your inner charm. Keep that your main theme. 

4-  Pick a cut: 

Tall, slim, or plus size? Your body type has a lot to do with how a cut will look on you. Slim and tall women generally choose lehenga choli or short straight shirts, Plus size women usually choose gowns, pishwas, and long shirts. That does not mean that you won’t look good if you choose otherwise – it only means, this is what is happening around us. Feel free to choose what you like. 

5- Research styles, looks, and designers:

The other way is checking Pinterest for pictures and getting inspired. Find images of models who are close to your appearance and then make a sound judgement. Check on the new designers in the marketing, make rate and quality comparisons, and check out the new fashion. 

6- Create your individual look:

This is probably the most important part – you want to be you on your wedding day. Take a good look at your favourite clothes. What do you like wearing the most? Consider than and then choose your design. 

7- What is the weather going to be like that day? 

A heavy Pakistani bridal dresses can be really warm – and you don’t want to be all sweaty at your wedding. Unless you have air conditioning or are getting married on a cold day, keep the hot weather in mind when choosing your dress. 

8- What is Groomwearing?

It’s a good idea to ask the Groom what he is wearing at the wedding – a color combination of the two that compliments each other can simply get this partnership going.  Happy hunting and all the best for your wedding.

Uneeb Khan
Uneeb Khan
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