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How To Find The Best Possum Box For Your Home

Possums may look cute and don’t pose any danger to your family but they are very irritating. Possums can tear up the residence and office and may cause an overall nuisance. This will disturb the quality of life so it is important to follow some possum removal tips to keep them away from your house or garden. Find the best cage to trap a possum without causing any injury. Keep them safe once they get trapped away from the sunlight, wind, rain, and domestic. Then after sunset release the captured animals within 50 meters of your property. The main thing is How to Find the Best Possum Box for Your Home? The boxes provide great help for the possum removal but you can’t predict which possum will move into the possum box.  

You can install the possum boxes in your house to create additional nesting options. If you want to encourage the possum from roofs and buildings then possum boxes are great options. In this way, the possum will get the alternative option. You can easily install the possum boxes by yourself or with the help of a Possum Trapping Hobart. It is very easy to construct the possum box. To install the possum box you need a ladder, drill, drill bit, or dead driver. 

Types of the possum boxes

Those who want to make their possum box need to follow some basic instructions. How To Find The Best Possum Box For Your Home? So, there are different types of boxes for different types of possums.

  • The Brushtail Possum Box

In this type of possum box, the top roof is closed with a folded strip of sheet of metal, an aluminum angle, or a rubber flap. Hang the box around 120mm from the ground so that rain will not go inside the lid. Make an entry hole under the eaves of 110mm-120mm wide.

  • Ringtail Possum Box

The design of the Ringtail Possum Box is the same as the Brushtail. The entry hole is 70mm-80mm wide and it is slightly narrow. 

  • Sugar Glider Box

This is one of the smallest possum boxes but its nest box is large. The entry hole is 40 mm wide. The distance of the baffle from the front of the box and the diameter of the entry hole should be equal. The clearance should be large enough so that possums climb under the baffle.

Removing a possum with a possum nest from your roof

  • Construct a waterproof possum house which is an alternate home for possum
  • Inside your roof or wherever possible locate the nest. A nest with a scent of possums should be placed in the new possum house.
  • Carefully try to fix the possum house and make sure it is 4 meters from the ground so that the possum will easily reach there.
  • To remove the access to your house trims any branches that hang over there. 
  • In the roof, the cavity places light and doesn’t switch it off for three-four days. The light and smell will keep the possum out of the roof and into the possum house easily.
  • Prevent the possum from returning by blocking the entry points to the roof with timber, or chicken wire.
  • You may have the possum trapped if this does not deter the possum. 


After installing the possum box make sure you check the box. You need to be extra careful while checking the box and make sure you will not touch the box as this may harm them. You can also put some fruit in the box if you want to attract possums. You can also check out some Remove Possums And Their Babies From Your Roof Using These Tips.

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