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How to Find the Best Book Writing in Chicago


Chicago, often called the “City of Big Shoulders,” has a rich literary history and a thriving contemporary literary scene. From iconic authors like Carl Sandburg and Gwendolyn Brooks to modern-day writers exploring diverse genres, Chicago has been a haven for talented wordsmiths for generations. If you are a book lover or an aspiring writer seeking to discover the best book writing in Chicago, this guide will take you through various avenues and resources available to explore the city’s literary treasures. From local bookstores and literary events to online platforms and author communities, there are numerous ways to uncover exceptional works by Chicago-based writers.

Visit Local Bookstores and Libraries:

One of the best ways to find exceptional book writing in Chicago is by visiting local bookstores and libraries. Chicago boasts a diverse array of independent bookstores that pride themselves on featuring works by local authors. Some of the city’s iconic bookstores, like the Seminary Co-op Bookstore, Women & Children First, and Unabridged Bookstore, have dedicated sections highlighting the works of Chicago authors. Browsing through these sections, you may discover hidden literary gems that speak to the city’s unique character and culture.

Likewise, public libraries in Chicago play a significant role in promoting local authors. Visiting your nearest library and exploring the local author sections can lead you to exciting finds that have garnered recognition within the city or beyond.

Attend Literary Events and Book Fairs:

Chicago hosts a plethora of literary events and book fairs throughout the year, creating opportunities to connect with authors and learn about their works. Look out for events like the Chicago Tribune Printers Row Lit Fest, the Chicago Book Expo, or author signings at bookstores. Literary events often feature readings, panel discussions, and book launches, offering a chance to engage with authors and discover their writing styles and themes.

Join Writing Workshops and Writing Groups:

If you are an aspiring writer or simply interested in connecting with the city’s literary community, joining writing workshops and writing groups can be immensely beneficial. Chicago is home to numerous writing workshops that offer opportunities to share your work and receive constructive feedback. These workshops often bring together both emerging and established writers, providing valuable insights into the writing process and the city’s literary culture.

Writing groups can be found in community centers, universities, and local cultural organizations. Participating in these groups not only helps you find the best book writing in Chicago but also fosters connections with fellow writers who share a passion for literature.

Read Book Reviews and Recommendations:

Book reviews in local newspapers, magazines, and online platforms are valuable resources for finding the best book writing in Chicago. Critics and readers often highlight noteworthy works by Chicago-based authors, shedding light on the city’s literary achievements. Websites like the Chicago Review of Books provide reviews and features on local authors, helping you identify books that align with your interests.

Moreover, seeking recommendations from friends, book clubs, or online forums dedicated to literature can introduce you to books that have captivated readers across the city.

Follow Local Literary Organizations:

Chicago boasts several literary organizations dedicated to promoting literature and supporting local authors. Keeping track of these organizations can lead you to exciting literary events, workshops, and book launches. Organizations like the Chicago Writers Association, Guild Literary Complex, and Chicago Literary Hall of Fame celebrate the city’s literary heritage while nurturing emerging talent.

Check Online Platforms and Bookstores’ Websites:

In the digital age, online platforms have become essential for discovering new books and authors.

Websites like Goodreads and Amazon offer user reviews and ratings, providing insights into the popularity of books by Chicago authors. Moreover, local bookstores curate lists of recommended books by area writers, facilitating exploration of the best book writing in Chicago.

Look for Literary Awards and Recognitions:

Literary awards can serve as indicators of exceptional writing, and Chicago has its share of prestigious accolades for authors.

Awards like the Carl Sandburg Literary Award and the Chicago Writers Association Book of the Year recognize outstanding Chicago-based writers, guiding you to exceptional book writing in the city.

Engage with Local Author Websites and Social Media:

Many authors maintain personal websites or social media profiles where they interact with readers and share updates about their latest works. Following professional ghostwriters Chicago-based authors online can help you stay informed about their writing projects and upcoming book releases.

Utilize Public Libraries:

Chicago’s public libraries are excellent resources for discovering local authors and their books. Librarians can offer recommendations based on your interests, and libraries often host author talks and book-related events.

Engage with Local Book Communities:

Joining online book clubs or forums focused on Chicago authors and literature connects you with fellow book enthusiasts. Discussions in these communities can lead to discovering new authors and their works, enriching your reading experience.


Discovering the best book writing in Chicago is a rewarding journey, immersing you in the city’s literary heritage and contemporary scene. By exploring bookstores, attending events, joining workshops, and engaging with the community, you’ll find exceptional works reflecting the essence of the “Windy City” and resonating with readers worldwide. Chicago’s literary treasures, with diverse voices and stories, enrich the vibrant tapestry of American literature.


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