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How to Do Kundali Matching Online in a Simple Manner?

“Their Kundalis didn’t match. So, they aren’t going ahead with the marriage.” — This is one of the most common phrases or sayings you must’ve heard from people around you. In the overall Indian matrimony scene, it is a common ritual to perform Kundali Matching online or offline before going ahead with the marriage. Under this process, the horoscopes of two people, the to-be bride and groom. Are matched to see if their marriage will be successful or not in the future. Experienced astrologers perform the Kundali matching to see if two people would form a compatible relationship after marriage. 

But nowadays, with the help of advanced technology. People are doing the Kundali matching online with the help of several platforms available on the Internet. With them, you don’t need to go anywhere. You only need to fill in a few details and you will get the results instantly. However, many people believe that online horoscope matching is not as reliable as the one physically done by astrologers. So, many people do both types of matching to see if they are compatible with their partner and whether their marriage will be successful or not. 

This article will help you with the process of Kundali matching online and its other important aspects. Let’s read on!

Process of Kundali Matching Online

You would surely want to marry a compatible individual to enjoy a happy and peaceful married life. And for that, you must do the kundali matching online or offline. Here are the steps to do it in an online manner. 

  1. One of the first steps that you need to do for Kundali matching online is to find a suitable platform for the same. There are multiple online platforms available where you match your horoscope with your to-be partner. 
  2. Once you find that suitable platform, you will need to fill in a few details. 
  3. These details will be Boy’s name, Girl’s name, Their Birth Dates, Their Exact Birth Times and respective birth cities. 
  4. Some platforms also ask for your Email ID (to send your Kundali matching report on your email). 
  5. Once you submit all your details, you will get a kundali matching online score and an overall report. 

Based on this Kundali matching score and comprehensive report. You can decide whether you want to go ahead with your marriage or not. Also, here is an important thing that you need to keep in mind–make sure you put all the correct details while submitting. The smallest of details can make a huge change in your Kundali matching report. That’s why always put the right details. 

What is Kundali Matching Online Score?

By now you must be wondering what is this Kundali matching score and its significance in deciding the compatibility between two people for marriage.

The Kundali Matching Online or offline process consists of matching the horoscope of two people and getting a score out of 36. Why 36? Because there are a total of 36 Gunas matched in the process. That’s why it is also called the Guna Milan process. These 36 Gunas are divided into eight categories (Koot) — Varna, Vashya, Tara, Yoni, Gruha Maitri, Gana, Bhakoot and Nadi. Each Koot holds a definite maximum score of up to 8 points and signifies different aspects of compatibility. 

After the Kundali matching online process, if the score is below 18, astrologers don’t recommend marriage. To go ahead with the marriage, the score should be 18 or above. Any score between 18 to 24 is considered to be an average match. The third case can be a kundali matching score between 25 to 32 where the match is called a pretty good match. And in case, the kundali Milan score is more than 32. The couple should go ahead with marriage as soon as possible without wasting any time. 

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