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How to Develop a Social Media Strategy Step by Step

Working on E-commerce company :

I can create my own social media-specific goals. and Develop a Social Media Strategy Step by Step from there what’s going to be the output from that is metrics that we can measure you know as tangible as you can get in a digital medium.

so let me give you an example e-commerce is probably always the easiest one to share because it’s the easiest to measure so an e-commerce company let’s say that they are a footwear brand they want to sell more shoes and in particular they want to sell more of a specific type of shoe maybe they’re an athletic shoe company but they want people to know that they have casual sandals too. You may also read: online phd assignment help

 And so they’re really looking to boost sales in that specific category so what I’m going to do is I’m going to say okay great so we are going to have a goal of getting more conversion goals completed so that means sales you know clicks over to our website things like that and then those metrics that can actually measure especially. Also visit: online homework writing service in uae

 if they have tracking set up correctly which they should have like google analytics facebook pixel all that I can actually track through okay here’s how many sales came from social media or if you know maybe they’re like a very new brand they don’t have that sophisticated of tracking on their website I can at least say hey I sent 500 people over to your website from social media last month.

 And that is going to be the closest that you can get because obviously, you know if somebody’s clicking over to the website on a sales type most likely they’re going to buy or at least they’re interested in purchasing so that is kind of the full path. You have to have a goal right you have to because I could take that same shoe company and I could say awesome you want me to do your social media we don’t talk about goals.

 I’m going to grow their social media following so much and I’m going to do nothing but influence or collaborations I might buy some you know followers which you guys know I don’t recommend but I could a lot of social media strategists do that and they’re going to be really impressed because I’m going to get them a million followers by the end of the year.

 But if they didn’t get any sales from those million followers it literally means nothing obviously they would probably get something I would hope from a million followers but you know that might not be their main goal might not be followers on the contrary sometimes the client will come to me and say we want a bunch of followers.

 and I’m like okay cool why like tell me to tell me what the thought process is on why you want to grow your following they’ll be like oh yeah we want more sales and I’m like well maybe what you need to do is reach your existing following a little better.

Uneeb Khan
Uneeb Khan
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