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How to Develop A Matrimonial Mobile App? A Complete Guide 

In the era of technology, everything is available in our hands, from food ordering to bus booking, finding a girlfriend to a soulmate; we need to tap some fingers on our smartphones & the desired things will appear within no time. 

Selecting anyone for marriage is crucial; we cannot choose anyone. 

We need to know whether they are compatible with us or not.

Matrimonial mobile apps are boon for those who want to find a life partner or soulmate online.

How does the Matrimonial Mobile App work?

In the matrimonial app, you need to create an account on the app and add your preferences like age, location, job, cast, and more on your profile. 

It will help you find the right partner by matching your profile to another one.

The app offers features like real-time chatting, video call, and photo-sharing options.

To understand more about the value or demand in the market, let’s discuss the market stacks of the matrimonial app.

The trusted institute released its annual marriage report; according to this report, India is a country that performs five million marriages every year. The most significant number attracts many investors to invest money in this sector because it is a growing field.

To see the interest of top investors in the matrimonial market, let’s see the % share they invest every year, which is around 25-40%.

In 2017, the revenue of the matrimonial app was 0.13 billion, and now, in 2022, it is around 0.38 billion, which means it is increasing by 30-35% every year. 

Key features of match matching app 

There are a lot of features available in matrimonial apps, some of them we are discussing in the below list.

1. Registration or Login

2. Creating a Profile & Choose Preferences

3. Upload Images

4. Search and Filter: 

5. User Privacy & Block Feature: 

6. In-app Camera

7. Social Integration

8. Payment Gateway

9. Push Notifications

10.BioData Generator

11. Real-time Notifications

Registration or Login

To increase the user interaction on your app, make the registration process as simple as possible and allow the users to log in via social media like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and more; hire a top-notch On-Demand Matrimony App Development Company

Creating Profile & Choose Preferences

Make an excellent profile and mention the preferences that will help you find the right marriage partner or increase your chances. 

Upload Images

It is an amazing feature for those who like to upload pics on their account, or you can directly drag images from your system.

Search and Filter

Use filters to remove unwanted profiles and look only at the desired profile that matches your profiles.

User Privacy & Block Feature

To keep your profile private, here is the privacy or security option. With the help of this feature, you can add privacy; only allowed persons can see your profile or unwanted person you can block.

In-app Camera

The in-app camera allows you to take pics in real-time or share this pic with anyone.

Social Integration

Social integrations mean you can directly add your profile to your social media account in a few seconds.

Payment Gateway

Multiple payment options are available according to your suitability or comfort. You can complete transactions like debit, credit card, net banking, UPI, or cash on delivery. 

Push Notifications

You will receive real-time update notifications or alerts by push notifications.

The development cost of matrimonial app

The development cost of a matrimonial app depends on various factors like their development locations, developers team, technologies used, features, or complexity. So no one can say the exact cost of app development, but here we will discuss the general cost of it.

In the USA, developers charge $ 150-200 per hour. But if we talk about the European region’s developers, they charge $ 120-150 per hour. In India, highly qualified developers charge $50-80 per hour.

But this is a rough idea, not the exact price of developing a matrimonial app. 

Example of best matrimonial apps that are presently working in the market.

Currently, numerous matrimonial apps are available; they give the best services to those looking for the right partner. Here we will discuss some of them.

1. Bharat matrimonial

2. Jeevansathi.com

3. Shaadi.com

Bharat matrimonial

Bharat matrimonial app is one of the most dedicated apps among the several other matchmaking services. It helps them find community partners like Agarwal, Parsi, Khandayat, brahmin, Rajput, Nair, and reddy.

Why trust Bharat Matrimony

  • Excellent service and dedicated app.
  • Verified mobile numbers of users.
  • Numerous profiles created daily will increase the chances of finding the right partner.
  • It has been providing services for the last 22 years.


Jeevansathi.com has been providing excellent services for the last 24 years to its customers, and still, it is the first choice of many users.

It understands the importance of the right partner for marriage in Indian culture. 

It believes in providing a secure and glorious feel to its clients. Ensuring 100% screening, premier privacy options, snap protection features, phone numbers, and more information. 

Arrange meeting points for those who want to meet each other offline all over India.

Why choose jeevansathi.com

  • Working last 24 years in the market.
  • Verified the mobile number of every user.
  • Provide real-time chatting or video call option
  • Offline meeting place arrangements all over India 


Shaadi.com is built to help those who want a life partner online; before using it, you need to register on shaadi.com, make a profile, and add your preferences; it will help you find the right partner you can chat with in-app to other users and also meet with them.

Closing lines:

This article explained each point about a matrimonial app, like market stacks, development cost, advanced features, competitors’ examples and more. 

If you plan to create your matrimonial app for business, you need an expert partner or solution provider who will provide a valuable service and help quickly lead the market. 

Uneeb Khan
Uneeb Khan
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