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How To Design The Perfect Custom Badges For Your Business

We live in a world where everything is moving quickly, including our business sectors.

Every day gives rise to new marketing ideas with constant technological change.

Therefore, pamphlets and flyers are losing value daily as business badges start taking place. These tiny business promotional elements are more durable and have a more prolonged effect on customers.

Thus, investing in custom badges and designing one that meets a business’s needs is essential. Don’t worry; it’s not a challenging task to customize one. And with our guide about everything you should consider while designing a perfect badge, you can easily make one. Keep reading to know how.

Draft A Perfect Custom Badge For Your Business: Step By Step

A business badge not only helps the company’s employees to identify each other but also helps the customer to get awareness about your brand.

This tiny thing can have a significant impact on making or breaking your company’s image.

Therefore, it’s vital to stay thoughtful while designing one. You can’t magically build custom badges representing your company’s values or message; it requires effort.

First thing first, set a budget that you can set aside for all the required material for manufacturing badges. After that, it’s time to start designing one.

Purpose Of A Badge:

An essential thing to notice before designing a badge is to decide its purpose.

Do you want it to showcase a status?

Do you want it to represent a reward?


Do you want it for launching a new product?

There can be many other reasons as well. You can also craft these impressions for your digital platforms or pages as well. Or you can also design some digital badges for your employee’s profile; it will not only help with promotion but also assist in appreciating workers. Therefore, initially, you have to identify a motive for customizing a badge; then, you can move further. Because without a goal, you can’t take a step.

Size Of A Badge:

This property depends on your purpose of making a badge. Whether you want to make it to reward employees or you want it to customize it to deliver a message.

A smaller badge can be used for appreciation purposes with only the employee’s name and the company’s logo.

On the other hand, if you want to distribute it among the crowd for marketing purposes, it should be standard or bigger. Doing this lets you easily add longer text, and your audience can clearly see it.

Design And Colour:

What is your opinion about a badge with bright and non-contrasting colours full of heavy design?

It will not look professional, right?

Therefore, keep the design of your badge simple while appealing. And choose pleasant colours that contract with the company’s logo. Don’t add too much detailing to it, as it will represent your company. Moreover, the space between the design and the text should be justly divided.

If you are not good at designing and artwork, you can also get help from online embroidered badges UK sites.

Attachment Type:

This factor also depends on your preferences. A pin and safety catch is commonly seen on the back of promotional badges, as they are affordable and easy to attach.

But if you want to send a badge as a gift to your employees, you can choose a wallet clip or glue-in wallet option. The fact, most of the workers of a company are grown-ups and carry a wallet. So they can easily attach that badge to it.

Moreover, if you plan to design a digital stamp, you don’t have to worry about the attachment type.

Font Type And Size:

Did you ever see Scout badges?

All the letters and characters on it are visible enough for the human eye. Your business badge should be like that too. Choose a professional font that can be easily readable. The font size must not be big enough to disturb the design and should not be small enough to be seen clearly.

Moreover, the colour of a font also plays a vital role in increasing the visibility of a text. Therefore, choose them wisely. You can go for contrasting colours or according to your theme or logo. But avoid using bright and vibrant colours as they don’t look appealing to the eyes. 

Badge Shape:

To add creativity to your business badges, you can design them in different shapes.. Or you can play with shapes by developing in triangles, squares, stars or any other form than a regular circle.

For example, you can give a differently shaped badge to different organizational hierarchy levels, making it easier to identify the newbies and supervisors.

Moreover, if you plan to distribute these stamps at an event, then giving away the same badges is ideal.

Material Of A Badge:

If you ever go for a survey to check the material for your business badges, you will wonder how many are there.

It can be of different fabrics, like cotton, silk or velvet. Or you can add customization as embroidery or add gems.

Moreover, you can choose between soft materials like raisins and hard materials like metal as well. So explore your creativity and bring out the best results in the form of appealing custom badges.


As marketing is an essential unit of a business for its growth. So adopting new and innovative promotional strategies like business badges is better. 

Whether your goal is to rebrand your business or to market the existing old products in a new way.

These tiny pieces of art will surely help you in achieving your mission.

We hope our guide about crafting a perfect business badge will help you because we try our best to ensure you get all the elements.

So eliminate those flyers and pamphlets and make these badges a part of your business strategies. It will save you costs and have a lasting impact on customers’ minds. Due to the fact that some people love to collect badges, and as they are easy to carry, people can keep them in their pockets.

Thus, if someday they come across these saved stamps, it will impact them again. These small objects have a considerable and lasting impact. So what are you waiting for? Keep all your routine work aside and start designing a badge representing your business.

Uneeb Khan
Uneeb Khan
Uneeb Khan CEO at blogili.com. Have 4 years of experience in the websites field. Uneeb Khan is the premier and most trustworthy informer for technology, telecom, business, auto news, games review in World. เกมยิงปลา https://www.prevestdenpro.com/wp-content/product/ bewin999 slot gacor เกมสล็อต slotonline ยิงปลา scatter hitam

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