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How to Complete Exam Syllabus on Time?

Have you been struggling to complete the extensive syllabus of the CTET exam on time? Most students give into exam stress given the humongous syllabus. One of the topmost questions that hover over the minds of students taking NEET is how to complete NEET 2022 syllabus on time. It is extremely important to complete the syllabus much earlier than the exam date to pass the examination with good marks. Starting studies and completing the syllabus on time helps avoid last-minute hassle.

CTET exam is an eligibility test for individuals interested in a teaching position. This exam is conducted by the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) and consists of two papers.

Individuals interested in teaching Classes I to V have to answer Paper I. Candidates who aspire to become teachers for Classes VI to VIII have to answer Paper-II of CTET.

Candidates participating in the CTET examination primarily need to understand the syllabus and the importance of completing it on time.

Timely completion of the CTET Syllabus will reduce exam stress, help to meet the study’s objectives and candidates get enough time to go over the topics and become familiar with the syllabus, which will eventually help them gain confidence while writing the paper.

Hence, to achieve the goal of completing the syllabus on time and outshine the competition in the CTET examination, we have come up with ways to cover the CTET syllabus on time.

5 Ways to Cover the Syllabus of CTET Exam Timely

  1. Know the syllabus well – It is pertinent that candidates know what to study and what to study to complete the syllabus on time. Candidates should carefully go through the syllabus. Understand and seek guidance if needed to understand what are the important topics that are must-read. This is one of the most important steps, as aspirants generally tend to study every possible thing in fear of missing out. However, for the CTET examination, candidates must know that they don’t have to know everything but must know what is in the syllabus and know it well.
  2. Set a sequence of learning – Many candidates have been following a learning sequence that has not been working for them, or it could be that many have no sequence at all. But it is important to lead your studies in a framed sequence. If you already have one and it doesn’t work, then consider altering it a bit. Cover the most important topics first, followed by the lesser important ones and so on.
  3. Follow the 80/20 principle – As per this principle, candidates should follow a strategy to put in just 20 percent of their efforts and extract 80 percent of the outcome. This is only possible if the candidates are doing a smart study. In this context, identify the most productive inputs, and make them your priority. It equates to identifying and concentrating on the most important topics from the syllabus and reaping maximum benefits from it in terms of their appearance in the question paper. This is because the appearance of important topics in question papers is more, and prioritising those topics before others is a smart move.
  4. Practise previous years’ question paper – For best and speedy coverage of the syllabus of CTET, solving previous years’ questions is extremely important. Regular solving of past years’ question papers helps to familiarise yourself with the paper pattern. This will help you understand the weightage of marks and their distribution. Not only that, sample papers help you acclimate yourself to solving questions in the exam within a time limit.
  5. Need for regular revision and practice – When you consider the vastness of the syllabus of the CTET exam, you would probably be worried about retaining all that you read during the course of the exam. This is why revision becomes highly important for the CTET syllabus completion. Only regular revision ensures that you recall at least 85% of all that you study. Apart from regular revision, you need to practice mock tests. Taking mock tests will give you a feel of the exam and help you gain speed and improve your writing skills.

A lot of factors come into play when you consider completing the syllabus of the CTET examination on time. You require the right kind of guidance and strategy so that you don’t lose precious time studying irrelevant material. Then, factors such as sincerity, dedication, commitment and perseverance differ from person to person. The time taken to complete the CTET syllabus would rely on the intensity of these factors.

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