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How To Clean Vape Coils for better performance | Innokin Coils

If you want to enjoy the best performance of your vape device, you need to clean your device routinely. If you don’t clean your device, the performance of the device will be low. Every vaping device has multiple ingredients in it, and e-liquid is one of the essential ingredients. The VG in the vape device and other darker flavourings can goop up your coil, and it can badly affect the whole performance of a vape device.  

You can’t enjoy your vaping session if your coil is junked up. If your coil is cleaned, you can only get a better taste and enjoy the vapour production. It’s very easy to burn your coil; as a result, you will go out of money very soon because changing the coil every week is quite expensive. So, if you want to enjoy your vaping sessions and save money, you must clean your vape coils

How To Clean Your Coils: 

There is many brands in the vape industry which presents quality vape coils some famous brands are Smok coils, Innokin Coils, Geekvape coils and Voopoo MT Coils. There are two types of coils: Rebuildable and Replaceable coil. Cleaning the coil is kind of a complex thing to do, unfortunately. But, still, it is important to do that to enjoy the vaping experience. Heads of tanks in the replaceable coil are encased in a chamber that contains a wick. In rebuildable vapes, a user can install and wick.

Replaceable Coils: 

 Replaceable coils come with a sub-ohm tank that can be cleaned, but you can’t completely revive them. To avoid any inconvenience, you must buy an extra coil because you can easily replace them. If you want to clean them, then you need to soak them and pass water through them. Water can remove some residue from the vape coil, but you can’t clean it completely. After doing that, you need to wait for the water to evaporate, which is a long period of time. So, if you are using a replaceable coil, you must keep extra coils with you. On the other hand, if you want to clean your coil, then do it by following the mentioned steps below.  

  • Let Your Coil Soak for a couple of hours  
  • Keep it under the Tap
  • Blow Air on the coil
  • Wait for the water evaporation

Rebuildable Coils: 

Cleaning the rebuildable coils is necessary, and you must prepare your mind for it. It is not difficult to clean your rebuildable vape coil. You just need to keep a few steps in mind while cleaning it. The first thing you can do is to remove your wick because you don’t want to burn it. After this, you can dry burn your coil. You can brush your vape coil with the toothbrush or the coil cleaning tool. In the end, a final dry burn is necessary to remove the last water droplets. 

Cap Up Lines: 

It is very necessary to clean your vape coil for a better vaping experience. If your coil is not clean, you can enjoy the taste of vape flavour. For making thick clouds, it is necessary to keep your coil clean. Otherwise, you will not be able to make thick vapours.          

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