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How To Choose The Right Curtain Track?

Curtains play an important role in enhancing the look of any room. Choosing the right curtains and curtain tracks is equally important in enhancing the aesthetics. For the uninitiated, a curtain track is a set of rails and tracks that is attached to the ceiling or wall for holding the curtains in place. 

Curtain tracks are a more subtle way to hang your curtains as they are less visible and less decorative when compared to curtain rods. This retains the focus on the curtains rather than the material used for hanging them. They generally come with a set of clips all through their length, letting you fix your curtain using a small metal or plastic hook. Tracks ensure a smooth curtain gliding process than curtain rods, making them an excellent choice. 

The right curtain tracks India can not only make your curtain look beautiful & symmetric but also add more functionality. However, if you are out in the market to buy curtain tracks, you are likely to get intimidated by the innumerable options. There are various kinds of curtain tracks, each designed for a specific use. How would you decide which one to select? This article serves as your guide for choosing the right curtain tracks. 

Take Measurements

Before choosing curtain tracks, the first thing you need to do is take measurements of the space where you want to use the curtain track. Make sure that the track is long enough but it should not cover the space beneath the window.  

Consider the ceiling height as well. For instance, if the height of your ceiling is low but the track that you want to buy is too high, you probably have to look for something else that will work with the height of your ceiling. 

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Finally, ensure that the track has enough space to move around without hurdles in the way. Ideally, leave at least six inches of space between the wall and the track on either side. 

Curtain Weight

Curtain weight is a vital factor to be taken into account when choosing curtain tracks. If your curtains are heavy and long, motorised tracks made of sturdy aluminium are a great option. Further, if your windows are tall, then too, motorised tracks are useful so that the curtains don’t get jammed on the track. If you are planning to use lightweight curtains, then the basic curtain tracks (for example, PVC tracks) will suffice. 

Corded Tracks vs Uncorded Tracks

Corded curtain tracks are a lot more beneficial than their uncorded counterparts. It is easier to open or close the curtains with cords to operate. The presence of a pull cord ensures that you don’t have to lug on to the curtain itself every time you want to open or close it. Corded curtain tracks may be a bit more expensive than the uncorded ones, but it is a worthwhile investment. 

Single Tracks vs Double Tracks

Decide whether you want to go for single curtain tracks or double curtain tracks. If you want to use only one set of curtains, single tracks will do. If you wish to use sheer curtains in combination with regular or blackout curtains, then you need to buy double tracks. This double layered setup can enhance the decor of the space, while also ensuring more privacy. 

There’s also a choice of using triple curtain tracks. With this setup, you can layer different fabrics such as a valance, curtains and sheers. This is ideal for maximum aesthetics, noise & light reduction, and maximum privacy. 

Motorised Curtain Tracks 

Finally, make a choice between manual or motorised curtain tracks. With motorised curtain tracks, you get the advantage of operating the curtains using a remote control. This is a very convenient option if there is a family member with limited mobility. However, this benefit comes with an extra cost. Decide your budget and if your budget accommodates, you can go for motorised tracks. 

Keep the above-discussed points in mind while choosing curtain tracks for your home or office. If you are not sure of any specifics, you can always discuss your needs with a curtain track supplier. Most of the leading suppliers can get tracks customised for your specific requirements. 

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