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How To: Choose The Best Wood For Your Furniture

Furniture is the most important part of any home or commercial environment. Because it is in constant contact with the human body, the ideal wood for furniture must be mould-resistant and resistant to fungal attacks. However, because it is an organic product, it is prone to degradation and damage. 

Today wooden furniture manufacturers use various types of wood to build furniture. Among the numerous options, wood’s market value and quality are critical factors when deciding on the best option. 

Things to Consider Before Buying the Wood

Aside from these two important points, here is a list of things to consider before beginning the interior décor of your home or business.

Should I Choose Hardwood Or Softwood?

Unlike their name, hardwood or softwood are not differentiated by hardness or tangibility. Hardwood is collected from flowering trees and is distinguished by its density and complex anatomical structure, whereas softwood is obtained from conifers. Hardwood has a higher density than softwood. Not all hardwood is utilised to make furniture, whereas all softwood is used to make furniture ranging from large-utility pieces to decorative things. Hardwoods include mahogany, oak, beech, alder, maple, rosewood, walnut, etc., whereas softwoods include cedar, pine, redwood, and deodar.

How to Identify Solid Wood?

When selecting the timber, make sure it’s a solid wood plank. Both hardwood and softwood are solid woods and are easily workable. Irregular grains, such as spiralling or interlaced, should not be used to make furniture.

When visiting wooden furniture manufacturers, these are the things you should look out for:

  • Fibres that are smooth, aligned, non-twisted, and robust
  • At the edge, the ring’s directions should align.
  • If you can’t determine, sand the wood; sanding will show the fillings or packed wooden chips.

The Wood Should be Fire Resistant

For residential reasons, wooden furniture manufacturers should offer completely fire-resistant wood. Consequently, hardwoods are mostly preferred for kitchen and bathroom cabinets and flooring. Because of their natural insulation, denser woods can avoid fires better. Softwood, on the other hand, has low fire resistance.

Check the Strength

The strength of timber is determined by how much force it can withstand from all directions. On the same principles, the wood should be able to preserve its shape following intensive hammering or other manufacturing procedures. Misaligned hammering and other pressures should not lead to breakage or create cracks during carpentry. 

Check the Water Permeability

Water seeps into the pores of wood since it is an organic substance. Moisture reduces the lifetime of wood through the degradation process. The chosen wood should be impenetrable for a long time.

Is the Wood Termite Resistant?

Termite resistance is required for furniture. Termites are naturally resistant to high-quality hardwood and softwood. However, due to budget constraints, ensure that timber is polished, varnished, or coated to keep termites away.

Greater Resistance to Decay

Moisture, infestation, and physical damage are the most common causes of wood degradation. Decays are resistant to denser wood with a close knot of grains. Hardwood is less susceptible to deterioration than softwood. Teak is commonly used to build outdoor furniture due to its high resistance.

Look at the Colours

When you choose a smooth, right-coloured timber, it naturally adds to the charm of the area. Furthermore, the wood should be thoroughly sanded, free of fungus and termites, suitably proportioned, and not discoloured or distorted. It is preferable to use darker wood over lighter wood because the latter is weaker. Walnut, Teak and Mahogany are darker and can be used to create a wider selection of excellent furniture. 

Weigh the Wood

Since hardwood is heavy than softwood, it is easier to be moulded for structural and large-scale furniture. To prepare tables, cupboards, wardrobes, beds, chairs, oak, teak, and other hardwoods are preferred over deodar.

Durability for a Long Life Span 

Wood becomes durable when it stays intact from degradation caused by various factors over time. Treated and seasoned wood is resistant to pests and fungi, and chemical preservatives protect the internals of wood over time. Because teak and mahogany are naturally termite resistant, they are among the most expensive timbers on the market. 


Furniture exporters from India have a huge collection of furniture made, keeping the factors mentioned above in mind. If you are planning on getting personalised furniture built, then these tips help you create decor pieces that are durable, beautiful and also last long.

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