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How To Choose Perfect Kalgi | Style Hints For Groom Fashion

How To Choose Perfect Kalgi | Style Hints For Groom Fashion

Nowadays, a Turban with a Kalgi has become a fashionable item. In Indian weddings, both Hindu and Muslim, the Groom often wears a special Topi (hat). the ones geared up made turbans serve to make the Groom a ‘Prince’ for the day.

The Kalgi is usually worn on the front of the turban. It is an ornament made of a single feather or a cluster of feathers that form a plume. During traditional Indian weddings, the groom wears the Kalgi.

Here Are Some Hints on How To Select The Ideal Kalgi For Groom.

1.     Match The Theme: Consider the theme and colour scheme of the wedding. The Kalgi should complement the colours of the groom’s attire and other accessories.

2. When choosing Kalgi, make sure it’s good quality and won’t tarnish . Ritvi Jewels always provide high-quality wedding accessories for groom.

3.     Size Matters: The size of the Kalgi should be proportionate to the groom, turban or safa. It should be large enough to be noticeable.

4.     Style And Designs: Kalgi comes in various designs, including floral, elephant and peacock.

5. In some families, people associate cultural symbols with Kalgi’s. These symbols are traditionally significant.

6.     Kalgi With Feathers: We often see grooms wearing Kalgi’s with feathers. They do add touch of Grandeur to the groom’s look. The feather stands up right over the Kalgi and looks stunning.

The Tradition of Wearing  A Kalgi is Not Limited To A Single Religion.

In sick and Hindu culture, the Kalgi holds a special place during weddings. The groom wears it as a symbol of honour and dignity.

1. Symbol of Honour And Royalty: The Kalgi symbolizes honor, dignity, and Royal aura. It is often associated with the regal status of the groom on his wedding day, make him the centre of attention.

2. Kalgi is an elegant and aesthetic accessory. It is ornate with gemstones, intricate metal work, and various motifs. The Kalgi adds to the groom’s appearance, making him look striking and distinguished.

3. Some cultures believe that the Kalgi brings blessings and good luck to the groom and couple.

Grooms-to-be, we hope you got ideas to decorate your wedding ceremony look.

For Perfect Kalgivisit Ritvi Jewels. Ritvi Jewels offers a wide selection of grooms’ accessories with unique designs. Choose the perfect Kalgi to match your turban.

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