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How to choose a best hoodie for men

Men’s black hoodies can be easily found on e-commerce sites. However, before deciding to buy, you should pay attention to the points that we will share below.

1.     Choose a hoodie based on its type

In general, men’s hoodies are divided into two types, namely pullovers and zippers. The difference between the two is in the presence of a zipper. Both types have their own characteristics and advantages. You should choose the type of essentials hoodie according to your needs and tastes.

A pullover hoodie is a term for a hoodie that doesn’t have a zipper. Using a pullover is as easy as you would wear a regular t-shirt. You can take the hoodie off and on quickly, perfect for guys who like practicality.

This hoodie is able to provide warmth because it can cover your body perfectly. That way, it won’t be a problem if you wear an undershirt that doesn’t match because it won’t be seen. However, because it is used from the top of the head, your hairdo could be damaged. So, be careful when wearing it, OK?

2.     Zipper, good air circulation and not hot

This type of hoodie is equipped with a zipper on the front. If you include people who easily feel hot when wearing pullovers, this type is the alternative. Simply lower the zipper to the part you need, and the hot feeling will disappear instantly thanks to the circulating air.

Your hairdo will also stay neat because you don’t use it from the top of your head. However, you need to be careful when lowering or raising the zipper. This is because the zipper easily gets stuck or breaks suddenly. Try checking the article below if you need other hoodie jacket references.

3.      Match the hoodie style to your dress style

Men’s essentials hoodie brown come in a variety of styles, including oversized and regular fit. You can choose according to taste. However, also adjust it to your dress style so that you are more confident!

Oversized hoodie, appear trendier and up to date

One trend that is now favored by both men and women is the oversized style. For those of you who also like this style, an oversized hoodie can be chosen to complete your look. As the name suggests, this hoodie is designed to be larger than the wearer’s body size. However, owners of thin bodies should avoid oversized hoodies because the body will appear to sink.

This style does make the hoodie look too big, but it will make you stand out from the crowd. Due to its larger size than the body, wearing an oversized hoodie will make you comfortable and free to move. Pair this hoodie with your favorite jeans or sneakers and get a cool hip-hop style!

Slim fit and regular fit, giving the impression of a fuller body

The regular fit hoodie is the right size, not too tight or too loose. This model includes models that are timeless and never go out of style. Regular fit hoodies provide standard sizes that are suitable for use by various body shapes, namely S, M, L, XL, and XXL. 

Choose the size that fits your shirt size. Especially for those with a thin body, this hoodie will give a fuller impression on the body. If you want your hoodie to show off your muscles and curves, consider a slim fit. However, avoid the type of slim fit hoodie that makes you tight and uncomfortable.

4.      Pay attention to the material of the hoodie

Another point that you need to pay attention to when choosing a black hoodie is the material. There are many materials that are often used to make hoodies, so you need to choose according to your needs.


Most hoodies sold in the market are made of cotton. Cotton is widely chosen because of its soft texture and feels cool on the skin. This material includes safe natural ingredients, especially for those of you who have allergies or sensitive skin.


Fleece is generally made of synthetic wool. There is also cotton fleece which is made from a mixture of cotton fibers and wool fibers. Because it is thick, soft, and elastic, this material is often used as a blue essentials hoodie material.


The characteristics of parachute materials tend to be thin, light, and water and air impermeable. Because of this, this material is often used as an outer for outdoor activities such as sports or hiking.

5.      Consider based on the motive

You can choose a hoodie with a colorful lettering motif or have an attractive image on the front or back. However, for those of you, who want to keep it simple, use a black hoodie that only has a brand logo added. Avoid hoodies with lots of large motifs for those with curvy bodies.

On the other hand, plain black hoodies without any motifs are just as popular. A hoodie without a pattern seems so simple and minimalist. The cool and mysterious aura that you have will shine when wearing a plain black hoodie!

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