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How to Change Document Restrictions in PDFs

Have you ever tried to open a PDF file only to find out that the document is restricted? It’s annoying, but don’t worry—it’s easy to change document restrictions in PDFs! This guide will show you how to easily modify document restrictions, such as print and copy limitations, so that you can access the information contained within a PDF.

Step 1 – Download a PDF Editor Tool

The first step is to download a reliable PDF editor tool. There are plenty of great programs out there; however, we recommend Adobe Acrobat Pro DC because it has all the features necessary for editing PDF documents. Once you have downloaded the program, launch it and open the PDF file whose restrictions you want to change. 

Step 2 – Select Security Settings

Once your document is open, click on “File” in the upper left-hand corner and select “Security Settings.” A new window will appear with several options for setting up security permissions or removing existing ones. You can configure settings such as password protection, digital signature verification, document expiration dates, and more.

Step 3 – Choose Permissions Level

Now that you have successfully opened your security settings window, select the type of permissions level you want for your file. For example, if you want to allow users to view but not edit or print your file, then choose “Read Only” from the dropdown menu. This will prevent anyone from making changes or printing out your document without your permission.                                                                                                                    

Step 4 – Apply Changes

Finally, click “OK” to apply the changes and save them in your PDF file. That’s it! You can now share this edited version of your PDF with others knowing that its contents are protected by whatever security settings you chose earlier.

Amazing tool pdf to tiff converter online offer a free and easy to use PDF compressor. It removes unnecessary elements from the PDF file like images and whitespace which can reduce the size of the document significantly. All you need to do is upload your file, select the compression level (low, medium or high) and click “Compress”.


Changing document restrictions in a PDF doesn’t have to be difficult—as long as you have the right tools! With Adobe Acrobat Pro DC (or any other reliable software), you can easily modify existing security settings or create new ones so that your files stay safe and secure no matter who views them. If done correctly, this process can ensure that only those with proper authorization can access important documents stored in a digital format like a PDF file. So why wait? Get started today and take control of who sees what inside of any given file!

John Oliver
John Oliver
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