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How to Celebrate A ‘Green’ Christmas This Year 

The joy of the holidays should extend to the environment as well! We all know that a massive amount of waste is produced every Christmas. It is reported that an extra 30 percent of garbage is thrown away during the festive season compared to the rest of the year. Singapore reported 665,000 tons of food wastage last year, with numbers skyrocketing during the holidays. In comparison, the UK records an astounding 270,000 tons of food waste every Christmas. Given these jaw-dropping figures, it’s no anomaly that many of us are considering how we can have an eco-friendly Christmas this year, precisely amidst environmental concerns.

If you’re thinking of making this Christmas green, opt for eco-friendly Christmas decorations, gifts and trees. As adults, we all know how crucial it is to make every effort we can to be more sustainable, and believe it or not, it starts at home. Small changes can make all the difference in eliminating the environmental footprint, especially over Christmas, when the potential for waste, overconsumption and mass shopping is exceptionally high. Keeping all of it in mind, we have curated a list of simple ways to host an eco-friendly Christmas. From sending biodegradable Christmas cards to getting a Christmas tree on rent and sustainable Christmas food. Make a new tradition to go green this year!

Au Natural Decorations 

Interior White Kitchen with Lights and Red Christmas Decorations Stock  Photo - Image of light, empty: 163581572

Whether you want to decorate your home right after Thanksgiving weekend or right before Christmas Eve, adorning your home with anything you could find in the great outdoors is never a bad idea. Don’t fret! You don’t have to go out into the snow and hunt for décor. Some must-haves ahead will make sprucing up your place super easy. If you are not in the mood to DIY your Christmas wreaths, garlands and ornaments from whatever is available in your backyard, we get it. You can always avail of the best Xmas deals today to get everything you need at a highly affordable price.

Handmade Acorn Cluster Ornament 

Handmade Wooden Acorn Ornaments Set of 4 - Etsy

Pinecone ornaments look gorgeous enough to devour! Yes, they might not be dipped in white icing or dusted with sparkling sugar, but they are a feast for the eyes, and that’s good enough! You can always take the DIY route if you want the real thing, and for some inspiration, you can check out DayBreakWeekly. The main thing is, they look so beautiful and eco-friendly, so you’re getting the best of both worlds.

Use Recycled Paper or Fabric for Wrapping 

Is Wrapping Paper Recyclable?

According to the rubbish clearance specuali, more than half of us repurpose last year’s wrapping paper, which is amazing! We are already on the right track. However, many of us don’t realize that many wrapping rolls contain non-recyclable elements like plastic, foil and glitter. If you want to know whether your wrapping paper can be recycled or not, use the scrunch test. Crumple it up in your hands, and then let it go. If the paper stays crumpled up, it can be recycled, but if it unfolds by its own accord, it likely contains non-recyclable elements. You can buy eco-friendly wrapping paper and use it for a long time! You can buy your favourite bio-degradable wrapping paper with the best Christmas deals.

Send Forest Friendly Christmas Cards 

Where to Order Sustainable Holiday Cards? — The Honest Consumer

Gone are the days when people used to write Christmas cards, but you can revive the ritual by sending away forest-friendly Christmas cards. This is one of the most beautiful ways to send seasonal greetings without costing the planet. To find such cards, you must look for the Forest Stewardship Council (FSG) mark. This guarantees the paper has been produced sustainably and ethically. You can pick up a pack from many great brands online. Plus, you might get a hefty discount on your purchase by using Christmas coupons!

Eco-friendly Wreath 

How to make a Christmas wreath - Philippa Craddock's guide | House & Garden

Wreaths are undoubtedly a beautiful décor piece that you can put up on Christmas, but most of them are not eco-friendly. So, it would be best if you refrained from using wreaths adorned with plastic accessories and glittery decorations. Not only are these made with non-sustainable materials, but they can be seriously harmful for birds if hung up outside. Instead, you can opt for a fresh, real wreath made with seasonal foliage and adornments. Or you can make your own out of fabric that will last year after year; that’s even better! Plus, you can buy all the supplies you need to make a wreath from TopVouchersCode at a highly affordable price.

Lessen Your Food Waste 

Eco-friendly Christmas - How to cut down on festive waste

Many people are already a pro at getting creative with their leftovers throughout the year. However, when it comes to Christmas, things can get a little messy and wasteful. First and foremost, one option is to buy less! That can be a little tricky when the guests are staying. You can also download food waste apps; they are a really smart option. These food waste apps can connect you to people in need in your local area. Other than that, you can also buy a bunch of food boxes to distribute the food or store them up for days to come.

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