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How to brighten skin in just 7 days?

Brighten skin is always the desire of every woman

Brightening skin is always the desire of every woman. But you always have to deal with acne, dark circles, melasma, dry skin, and lack of strength but …

Facial massage helps to keep the skin fresh and smooth
Facial massage helps to keep the skin fresh and smooth

Do not be too worried about solving all the problems; in fact, they are not too difficult if you pay attention to taking good care of your brighten skin. Follow the instructions below to improve your skin in just 7 days.

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Day 1: Cleansing – balancing and moisturizing is the motto

Starting from day one, the three steps of cleansing – balancing – moisturizing are the first principles that you must adhere to.

Our face always collects dirt from pollution, dust, dead skin, and natural oils that accumulate on it. Using a gentle cleanser to remove this buildup will reduce the clogging of your pores, preventing problems like acne. Which face wash to choose depends on your skin type.

Choose the right cleanser for your skin type

Choose the right cleanser for your skin type

Next, natural toners like rose water, green tea, and white vinegar work well to restore the pH balance of the skin, tightening pores. Finish your skincare routine with a good moisturizer. Before going to bed, it is necessary to remove makeup from the face with makeup remover products. Then repeat the skin care method with the full steps above.

Day 2: Change your diet

Day two should focus on improving skin health by controlling what you consume. Because taking care of the brighten skin from the inside is equally important. Eating right is a surefire way to glowing skin, and good health.

The first thing is to drink enough water every day to replenish moisture in the skin from within. Fruit juices, such as smoothies and juices, can be used in place of filtered water. Limit the use of fast, greasy, and fried foods, and increase the number of green vegetables and fruits in your diet.

An adequate water supply will help control oil secretion as well as tighten pores effectively.

Day 3: Exfoliate

Performing this skincare step on the third day will help remove dead cells and dirt deep inside the pores so that the skin becomes softer and more radiant. This will also make it easier for the skin to absorb the skincare nutrients provided.

You can use natural ingredients to remove old cells or use specialized products that are safe and gentle on the skin. Do not forget to apply a mask to moisturize and immediately replenish nutrients to the skin after exfoliating. And of course, the ritual of cleansing, – and moisturizing is indispensable.

Use gentle exfoliants, extracted from nature for the skin

Use gentle exfoliants, extracted from nature for the skin

Day 4: Feel the difference in your skin

After 4 days of maintaining the above skin care regimen, you will see a marked improvement in appearance and brighter, smoother skin. To help the skin absorb better after washing your face, combined with a steam bath to help unclog pores. Combine a honey and oatmeal or clay mask to remove all the dirt. Don’t forget to use a toner to balance your brighten skin and finish with a moisturizer.

Day 5: Massage helps smooth skin

Gently massage your face with a little aloe vera gel after your basic skincare routine. This will improve blood circulation to the face and nourish the skin. It will also help eliminate toxins. If there are dark circles under your eyes, always use an under-eye serum for a more radiant face.

After the massage, apply moisturizer or day cream. Some products with high SPF will support sun protection, so you don’t have to use a separate sunscreen.

Facial massage helps to keep the skin fresh and smooth

Facial massage helps to keep the skin fresh and smooth

Day 6: Repeat the exfoliating step again

It’s time to exfoliate again. Ideally, you should exfoliate twice a week to keep your skin healthy and radiant. Follow the exfoliating steps from day 3. Regularly drinking water and liquids such as juices throughout the week is essential to staying hydrated and maintaining healthy & brighten skin.

Day 7: Maintain skin care regimen

This is the time for you to relax and take care of your skin carefully, with plenty of steps in the morning as well as in the evening. Always maintain hydration by drinking water or healthy drinks throughout the day to maintain skin elasticity.

Follow these guidelines, and your skin will be bright, healthy, and radiant in 7 days. Note that please use adequate sunscreen for the skin every day, reapply every 2-3 hours, and maintain the above skin care regimen to maintain healthy and beautiful skin.

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