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How to become a social media manager in 2023?

This is the right time to kick start your career as a social media manager, because on an average a person spends around 2-3 hours daily on different social media platforms.

On a total an average person sends around 5-6 weeks in a year on social media out of the total of 52 weeks in a year.

So the number of social media users are increasing on a daily basis on different social media platforms, which is a great indication for the budding social media managers.

This screen time usage is a big opportunity for the new managers and budding influencers to start their career in this sector.

If you love being creative and connecting with people online, then this is a perfect choice for you to start your career as a social media manager.

Who is a social media manager?

A social media manager is a person who is responsible for the overall management of a brand’s presence on various social media platforms.

The responsibilities of a social manager includes planning, creating and publishing engaging content on social media platforms and then monitoring its growth and statistics.

A social media manager is also responsible for managing the overall presence of brand, which can help a brand grow its traffic through social media posts.

A social manager manages a team of content writers, graphic designers and many more. They are also responsible for managing the user engagement on the social media platforms.

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Responsibilities of a Social Media Manager:

A social media manager is responsible for a variety of tasks to manage a brand’s position in the market. A social manager takes charge of a variety of tasks such as Copywrighting, content writing, graphic designing, content planning, managing, and scheduling posts on social media platforms.

But a social manager need not have to be a pro at all the required skills and responsibilities, because the manager has to manage the overall team and not do all of this himself.

There are many tools that can make your graphic work very easy and very effective like using the tools Canva, and other photo editing tools which can actually make your work very easy to do.

Skills required by Social Media Manager:

There are numerous skills that a socia media manager must possess, in order to make it the most out of it. So we will be discussing all the important skills that a social manager must possess.


Being in the world of most creative people and managing the team of the most creative people, the media manager must possess this skill of being highly creative and productive in order to make the most out of it.

The manager need to be highly creative to understand what is going on in the industry and create engaging stuff for their users.


The social manager needs to be very creative and highly flexible in order to grow their brand on social media platforms.

This is the most important skill that a good manager must possess because social media trends are always changing so the need to be very quick and active in order to make changes as quickly as possible to make it happen.

He needs to be very flexible and quick to adapt to the new and changing environment as per the need of the industry, because this industry demands to follow the trends.


This is again a very important skill that a social manager must possess because there is a lot to communicate throughout the complete process of content planning, publishing and monitoring.

You need to express yourself in a very crystal clear way to make it easily understandable by the potential customers and can help you grow your audience on the social media platforms.


In the conclusion we would like to mention that social manager is the best career that you can think of, because this is most growing and promising career in this digital age. We hope this article helped you get the key insights about how you can be a social media manager in this digital age. You can use PickZon, a social media application to have access to the world of social creativity.

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John Oliver
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