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How to Avoid Getting Duped While Purchasing Diamond Weddings Rings?

Diamonds are sparkling and exquisite gemstones that make every moment memorable and special. A proposal or a wedding is unimaginable without a diamond ring. Whether you want to gift a diamond ring to someone special or purchase one for yourself, diamond studded rings are available in a variety of styles. Afterall, who doesn’t love diamond rings?

Things to check while purchasing diamonds

You must verify diamond’s originality as you are about to make a major investment. How can save yourself from getting duped while purchasing diamond online or offline? What are the important factors you must consider?

  • Cut- The cut determines how much your diamond will sparkle. When diamonds are poorly cut, they appear dull and lusterless after some time. Moreover, some cuts like princess and marquise make the diamond look bigger than it is.
  • Clarity- The tiny blemishes or imperfections are known as inclusions, and they determine the clarity of a diamond.
  • Colour- Colourless diamonds are graded D are they are the most expensive. The colour ranges from D to Z, Z being the cheapest of all.
  • Carat- Carat defines the weight of a diamond. The larger the gemstone, the more the diamond’s caratage.

Should you check diamond certification before purchasing?

Diamond certification is important and therefore, you should always verify its authentication. If you purchase a diamond ring from a reputed jeweller, you will always get the certification. If your local jeweller doesn’t provide the certification of authenticity, you should not purchase expensive diamond ornaments from that person. Always remember to ask for the certification before you make the payment.

Tricks and tips to differentiate fake diamonds from real ones

While buying a diamond ring for your partner, there is no harm in following the basic precautions before you pay. There are some interesting tricks that people use to check the quality of diamonds. Here are two simple tests that will tell you whether the diamond is duplicate or original:

  1. The sandpaper test- As diamonds are among the hardest gemstones, having a piece of sandpaper will let you know if the diamond used in your wedding ring is fake or real. Rub the sandpaper on the diamond in a gentle manner and if its fake, scratches will appear.
  2. The breath test- Diamonds are great conductors of heat. When you breath on a diamond, the fog created will disappear instantly if it is real. A fake diamond, on the other hand, won’t be able to conduct heat as quickly as a real one and it will need more time to get rid of the moisture.

There is, however, a material named moissanite its properties are like diamond’s properties. So, it might pass the breath test. So, you should also have a look at the faceting patterns to be certain of its purity.


No matter where you purchase diamond Weddings Rings, they are always expensive. When it comes to buying a diamond ring, don’t get lured by low prices. Diamonds are great assets that will outlive you and therefore, you should always buy real, certified ones.

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