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How Talent Representation Helps Voice Over Actor Get Hire

Most people working in voice acting or voice over believe that they need an agent to get jobs. But that’s not always the case. Due to the rise of the internet in the last few years, voiceover artists now have more opportunities than ever before to further their careers. Compare a standard talent agent against any of the several voice-over marketplaces. A regular member’s perks typically include the ability to make their own website on the service for free and promote it via email signatures and letterhead. You can include your voice demo, a detailed bio, and a headshot or picture. The premium service that is typically on offer is where you will see the most benefit from them, however. You’ll start receiving leads for specific jobs right in your inbox, and from there you can submit auditions and complete work for potential clients. One major negative is that you will be expected to pay money up front.

A good agent will work to promote your vocal ability and sell you to customers, working as your advocate in the voice over industry. A subpar service would simply host your recording online, hoping that potential clients will stumble upon it. The more proactive they are, the better for your career.

In some countries, it is illegal for a voice over actor to request any kind of joining fee from prospective clients. Make sure your potential representative works solely on a commission basis before signing up with them. Although the market and the specific agency might affect the rate, it is often between 15% and 20%. Keep in mind that certain well-known agencies may try to convince you to sign an exclusive agreement and even ask for a concessionary commission payment; in other words, even the work you get yourself may be subject to a modest token payment of say, about five percent. The logic behind this is that the job they bring you will more than cover the fee. Compare the various agencies and determine which one best fits your needs. Seek legal counsel if you have any questions regarding a contract.

You have finally made up your mind to seek representation from an agency, but how do you even begin the process of locating one? I’m afraid supply and demand dictates that this is the case. You should not be discouraged by the fact that there are more voice over actor for hire than agents.

The first step in getting a representation interested in you is to record a compelling showreel that proves you can bring in business for them. No one wants to listen to a double album of your best voice-over work, so keep your demo short and sweet. Send a CD and a short cover letter to an agent, outlining why you’re interested in working with them specifically. If you are just starting out, emphasise how unique and exciting you are because of your lack of experience. Add a description of your voice, but be honest. Don’t pretend you can make “in a world where” movie trailers if you can’t.

If you be turned down by an agent, try not to let it discourage you. Instead, ask if you can reapply in a few months or if they know of any other agencies that could be interested in representing you. Attempt to acquire employment via your own efforts; doing so will enhance your resume and prove to potential employers that you are a valuable asset.

You can sure that the agencies will take notice if a client comments favourably on the quality of your voice.

Keep in mind that while you won’t need need an agent to break into voice acting, having one can open doors you never thought possible.

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Uneeb Khan
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