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How Much Support Can I Request At My Plan Meeting?

What Is NDIS?

The National Disability Insurance Scheme is a support program in Australia. It provides a wide range of support services to people with any significant or permanent disability. The aim of this program is to help its participants lead independent lives so they can reach their goals by reducing the amount of support they need. NDIS funds all the reasonable and necessary support for its participants.

Complete Connect provides disability support services in Australia. They have professional support workers who can help you manage your plan and make sure that you benefit from it.

How Does It Work?

Once the participant is registered with NDIS, they can request all the support they consider necessary for their disability or goals. The National Disability Insurance Agency (NDIA) then assesses their request to check whether their requested support is reasonable and necessary for them or not. After analysing their request, if it comes under the guidelines, NDIS allows the funding for their requested support. Once the NDIS plan is finalised, participants can start receiving these support services with the help of their service provider.

What Is A Service Provider?

Service providers are people who are responsible for connecting the participants with their necessary support. They have connections with healthcare professionals and support workers who can provide the funded support in the participant’s NDIS plan.

Participants can take their help to find the right support for them and manage their funds efficiently. They also help the participants understand their NDIS plans. As new participants, it may be difficult to understand everything about the NDIS plan, and service providers are there to help them.

There are also two types of service providers who can help you manage your NDIS plan. Registered providers are the ones who have gone through the screening process of NDIS and are registered with the Commission. Non-registered providers are the professionals who choose not to go through the long screening process.

There are some services that only registered providers can offer, but this difference in no way means that any of them is untrustable or unprofessional. You can choose the service provider of your choice regardless of their registration status.

How Much Does NDIS Provide?

NDIS provides a huge range of support services to its participants to help them improve their condition. This program has specific guidelines about what they fund and what they don’t. As we said, NDIS does not fund anything unrelated to the disability or goals.

If a participant wants to request support in the planning meeting, they must justify their request and provide evidence to prove that their requested support is related to their disability or their goals.

Apart from requested support, NDIS allows many support services depending on their own assessment of the participant’s condition. What support you get under NDIS highly depends on the level of your disability and goals. Participants with complex needs and high-level of disabilities require more support than others. NDIS takes everything into consideration before finalising the NDIS plan for each participant.

The Agency will allow funding for the support it considers necessary for your condition. If you think you need more, you can make a request, and as long as your request is related to your goals and disability, NDIA will allow the funding for it.


How much support NDIA provides each participant can vary depending on the level of their disability. You can request as much support as you want, but NDIA will only approve those that are helpful for your condition. So think hard before making requests to the NDIA and only request the support services that are actually related to your goals.

If you are looking for disability support services in Australia, reach out to Complete Connect. They are registered providers and have professional support workers who are willing to help you meet your goals and make the most of your NDIS plan.

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