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How Men can Style Sneaker Shoes in Winter

Winters are just around the corner as the last quarter of 2022 has already begun and with people’s favorite season expected to last longer this time with the cool breeze ready to take over the country, everyone is excited to dress up for the weather and make a fashion statement in the chilly season. And when it comes to fashion, shoes are an essential part of winter wear and sneaker shoes can be ideal to protect you in the decreasing temperatures while keeping your style game in check.

Winters call for added measures to protect you from the decreasing temperatures and changing weather. For this, shoes become a must for all your outings. As they become essential, it is a great idea to opt for ones like smart-casual sneakers. Let’s dive into the details and learn how men can style these shoes in winter.

Sneaker Shoes for Winters

Winters are short-lived in major parts of Pakistan and people still tend to get the best out of the cold season in a little amount of time. Hence, this weather provides a good opportunity for fashion enthusiasts to level up their styling game. 

Moreover, you are more likely to be wearing shoes instead of slippers when heading out. Shoes act as an added layer of safety from the cold breeze. Since temperatures don’t fall below freezing points in major cities of Pakistan, long shoes or leather boots aren’t ideal choices, unless you reside in the northern areas where snowfall is a common occurrence.

Sneaker shoes on the other hand can be the perfect match for outfits. You can expect them to protect your feet without being too warm to handle. Additionally, they leave a sleek fashion statement and can help you stand out.

How to Style Sneaker Shoes in Winter?

These shoes are one of the most popular types around the globe. As one would expect, there are various varieties of sneakers that can lead to dilemmas on what to choose. To help you decide and style better, we have compiled some of the ways you can style them in winter.


Heading to the office or a meeting? Black sneakers for men are a good and comfortable option. Black sneakers can go well with formal clothes. These sneakers are not very flashy, and you can wear them with formal office wear. Unless the dress code is strictly formal, you can make room for formal sneakers.


For casual lunches or dinners, you have a plethora of casual wear sneakers to choose from. Although white sneakers have a charm, they can catch dirt rather easily. However, if you feel like you can look after them well enough, they are a viable option for casual outings. White sneakers look great with light and dark-colored pants. You can also wear them with chino pants if you are going out under the sun. Throw in a scarf and some fancy socks to make a stronger fashion statement.


Hangouts with your friends usually involve casual wear, and you don’t have any restrictions on dressing. However, the dress code may apply if you are going to some grand place. For casual meet-ups, you can opt for any stylish choice in sneakers. Lunar sneakers in navy or white color with striped socks can be a game-changer for you. The contrasting colored shoes are noticeable from miles away. They look good with any casual wear and even if you are donning a beanie. You can also wear them with long coats or sweatshirts/hoodies.

This is everything you must know about styling sneaker shoes in winter. As winter is coming close, it is better to be prepared for the short-lived season. While dark-colored clothes and shoes are preferred options during the chilly weather, you can experiment with light-colored sneakers as well. Dress for the occasion and get your hands on a couple of sneaker shoes or more and welcome the season in style.

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