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How Long Does it Take for a Vape to Get Charged?

One of the most important features you will consider while purchasing a vape device is its battery. Regardless of the vape type, most consumers check for battery reliability before buying it. The devices include both kinds of vapes, disposable vapes as well as reusable vapes.

With the prevalence of vape technology and growth in the market, there are more products than ever before. It means that there are a number of vape devices available with charging times, some might take a long time than others.

The battery charging timing depends on a few certain factors which involve the battery capacity, discharge rate, and battery temperature. The things also matter on the charging ability of the battery that how efficient it is, including the type of vapes, battery source, and how you plan to use it.

However, your vape will act differently at various times and situations. For example, charging your vape for the first time will take a different length of time than bidding your device subsequently. All you need to know, the details are in this blog, so keep on reading.

Initial Charging:

Your vape gadget will take the longest to charge the first time you use it. This is because your vape will typically arrive unopened and in its original packaging. Most battery manufacturers only fully charge their products halfway through shipping. Notably, disposable vapes like elf bar are an exception as those come precharged with 100% charging.

However, this does not necessarily mean that the time it takes to charge for the first time will be cut in half. Your vape device’s vaporiser hasn’t yet run out because it hasn’t been used in a while. The fact that it is new will directly impact how long the charging process takes in the future.

Daily Charging:

Many vapes are used over to their battery capacity, they are used more than necessary that’s why they are required  To avoid being caught short, some vape pen users feel tempted to charge their device every day. However, daily charging can have some adverse effects on some vape devices.

Overcharging the vape device can harm can shorten the life of your battery. A consistent charge running through the battery is the reason for this loss. Moreover, if you spend too much time letting your device charge it will be overheated which is also bad for the device’s battery. However, as disposable vapes are not charged they aren’t included in this.

Can you charge your device while vaping?

Simply it depends on the type of device you’re using. How the vape device is designed along with its features matters. Charging your device while keeping vaping can be risky and cause damage to you as well as your device. Importantly, often disposable vapes are not counted in any situation involving reusing the device.

Significantly, It is not recommended to vape while the device is on charging. Many brands and sellers claim that, despite the fact that their devices include pass-through technology, it can harm the battery. So you should keep this in mind when considering the charging while vaping.


The charging time of a vape mostly depends upon the type, quality, and size of the device’s battery. Still, there are some situations that need to be considered while estimating or measuring the time of charging a vape device. However, this doesn’t apply to disposable vapes, as usually these vapes are non-customisable and don’t provide the option for charging.

After keeping the first charging and subsequently charging your device in high consideration, things that matter on the charging time of your device include how you keep your device. Obviously making it overcharged frequently or charging it while vaping will affect the length of time the vape takes to charge adversely. So make sure you avoid doing such things to your device in order to keep it safe.

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