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How long do you have to vacate after eviction in NC?

If the owner wants to get rid of his/her tenant, he/she has to first obtain a court order and then deliver the Notice of Intention to Vacate. A Notice of Intention to Vacate (NI-VT) must contain: (a) the name and address of the owner and the date of delivery; (b) a statement that the landlord intends to terminate the tenancy at the end of the lease; (c) a statement that the tenant can appeal the decision in superior court.

The owner must give a five-day Vacant notice notice to the tenants. There is no written requirement as to how long the landlord has to provide this notice.

If a tenant does not vacate, the landlord can begin an action to regain possession of the premises. However, the landlord must take this action in a timely manner. The court has the power to appoint a receiver to manage the rental property during the pendency of the case. The court will generally require the tenants to pay rent to the receiver until a judgment is rendered.

If the tenant appeals the NI-VT and the landlord wins, the tenant must vacate the premises immediately.

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