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How Long Can You Keep Betta Fish as A Pet?

Understanding the lifetime of betta fish will help you be prepared, whether you’re thinking about obtaining one as a pet or currently have one. Betta fish can live longer if you know how to take good care of them and maintain their health.

The lifespan of betta fish. The average lifespan of a betta fish is two to four years. Your betta fish’s lifespan directly depends on the surroundings you maintain them in. You may extend their lives by keeping their tank clean and paying attention to their nutrition.

The significance of tank quality. Most often, betta fish are displayed at pet stores in tiny, vase-like jars that let plant roots dangle into the water. This is a result of their territorial aggression. The greatest strategy to maintain the short-term health of betta fish is to keep them apart.

Maintaining The Health of Your Betta Fish

While all fish have basic requirements, betta fish, commonly referred to as Siamese fighting fish, are special and require even more specialized care. They make well-liked pets since they are available in a range of colors and are frequently inexpensive to buy. However, many individuals are unaware of the dedication required when choosing betta fish as a pet.

However, your betta fish cannot survive in a tiny container. To be healthy, female betta fish need a tank that is at least two cubic feet in size. Better tanks are those that are larger.

Maintain clean but not sterile water for your betta fish. To preserve their health, your fish require healthy bacteria to flourish in the water. Good water quality also results from living plants. To allow for the introduction of fresh water without upsetting your pet’s system with a radical shift, alter the water in the tank 10–15 percent at a time.

For your betta fish’s nutrition. While most pet fish are happy to eat fish food flakes, betta fish won’t be satisfied with this. They go after insects in the wild to consume. To provide betta fish with the precise nutrients they require, special pellets have been created. Additionally, veterinarians advise adding snacks like:

  • frozen tubifex worms
  • Bloodworms Bloodworm larvae
  • Salted shrimp

Betta Fish Have A Ten-Year Lifespan.

If properly cared for, captive bettas can live longer than bettas found in the wild. Some captive female betta fish have lived for as long as ten years.

How Long Do Betta Fish at Pet Stores Live?

Three Years or So

Bettas typically survive about three years. That does not necessarily imply that you will keep your Betta for that long, though. Why? Because a Betta acquired from a pet store is frequently already one year old

Because they are territorial by nature, betta fish shouldn’t be kept together because they will fight, hurt one other, and frequently die as a consequence. They won’t feel lonely in their tank, but if it’s a tiny tank, they could become bored.

The Bottom Line

Typically, betta fish don’t go much bigger than 3 inches. They often live for two to five years. They have several tail species and beautifully colored fins. Red, blue, black, white, and orange are typical hues Read more

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