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How I Got a First Class in EVERY Essay at University | The Best Essay Technique

The first part actually got over 350 000 views and it’s helped thousands of people write better essays so i do recommend you guys go and check that post out before then coming back to this post and continuing. It is the second thing. I want to say that the first part and the second part of is these posts are just a general kind of explanation.

The description below if you want to get yourself a copy to go into more detail on how to write an essay but if you have watched. The first part welcomes the second part in the first post we spoke about. The whole kind of process of writing an essay is how to get your research together and then finally how to put that all together. Many students who are unable to make their assignments or essays are taking assistance from experts like hnd assignment help and getting desired marks.

Essay Title:

Key the next thing we want to talk about is leading on to the bottom of the funnel uh starts to address your title so you know defined. The problem and obviously in this kind of essay title. There is no problem per se but you want to define exactly where you’ll be going in. For the rest of the body of the essay after giving a broad kind of explanation of the topic of your title you then want to talk about what you will be talking about for the rest. The entire essay is in the body and then also included as well.

Getting very specific as you go along and also making sure that the end of every single paragraph leads nicely. The next section is up and in this part we’re going to be talking about the actual main body okay so in the introduction we’ve used it.

The main body and main body is kind of very difficult for me to explain to you guys because it’s going to vary depending on what type of essay you’re writing or taking assistance in your assignments from experts like tefl assignment help. I then go on to write about what. I found this in my research and address. The title so the main body is where you’re going to add. For the kind of bulk of your work one section in this example is going to be talking about the gut microbiota in health and I’ll also have another section in the main body about it.

Write an essay book:

The gut microbiota and disease so I’m going to divide my essay into those two parts and you know depending on what sort of essay you’re writing you may want to do the same sort of thing but again this will vary depending on what you’re writing so. I won’t go into detail too much about um the main body here.

If you want more of this you can go check out my uh how to write an essay book but the kind of the main thing is that. I want to tell you guys in regards to your main body that you should really be looking at adding at least one or two figures in order to get first-class figures are so so important to get

A first already. The second thing. I want to say in your main body is it’s really important to have a table sometimes if it’s relevant table is a really good way of summarizing many papers. When you’re doing a literature review for example and also if you’re doing a lab report as well it’s a great way to summarize your results.

So if you can make a table if you are writing a very big let’s say essay or dissertation you want to maybe summarize all of the research papers in your fields having a table is a really really good way of doing this okay so moving on to the conclusion is a really good place.

Where you can get loads of marks and a lot of the time some people in their essay writing will think the conclusion is only to just kind of summarize your whole entire paper that actually is far from the truth there are so many things you can include in your conclusion and we’ll talk about that now so the first thing is that in your conclusion the first few lines should really be a brief recap of what you found so this shouldn’t be the bulk of your conclusion but if you can nicely kind of uh start the funnel again your conclusion again kind of summarizing everything you’ve talked about in your essay so far.

The main body of your essay:

A bit of an introduction a bit from the kind of main body uh give a little summary on that that starts off your conclusion at the top of the funnel and will start off your conclusion very nicely so once you’ve done that the next thing you may want to do is after having spoken about what we actually know about the gut microwave 10 health and disease what would be really good is also to start talking about what we don’t know about.

And also what is yet to be discovered where are all the gaps so no matter whether you know what you’re writing whether it’s scientific or not scientific you know based on your title and having done all your research and writing your main body you may realize that in some parts of the fields. There are actually gaps. We don’t exactly know uh how the garment provider has functioned in this part of the body.

You may want to say that but this really is again getting to the bottom of the funnel and showing the reader that you haven’t just copied and pasted from research papers you’re actually giving your own suggestions as to where the gaps are in the research and how that can be also improved the next thing you want to talk about is the limitations to the study or the field so for example again relating back to the government Kubota. I may say that the limitations on you know on our understanding of the guts is maybe.

Middle section:

We haven’t done these experiments maybe we haven’t done research in this particular area maybe there are some sort of um limitations on our scientific knowledge or scientific understanding that stop us from fully understanding what the guard migrator is so limitations are really important to talk about again if you’re in finance or history or whatever. I’m sure there are a bunch of limitations that are stopping all the research from moving forward the way.

I actually get my limitations. When i write my own essays one from my own kind of opinion and my own belief after having done all the research and two is. When you actually read loads of papers and do all of your research every single paper will talk about limitations. They will say what the problem is and uh what limitations are stopping the research match going forward so you can actually just do some research read the kind of conclusion of every single paper based on your field and right at the bottom i can guarantee you almost in pretty much every single essay. They will write out their own limitations all the experiments.

limitations of all the experiments in essays:

They did or were on the field in general so you can kind of steal some of their work and include it. In your conclusion as well the next thing that i really recommend you guys to do which will really set you apart from the competition is to talk about what the next step is in regards to solving these gaps and limitations that you spoke about so you may say that the next step actually would be to do this experiments that will allow us to understand.

You know what we’re wrong or maybe we’ll do this clinical trial in order to fill in the gaps that we have so far even in my own research.. When i do my own research in the labs there’s always something that went wrong with something that limited us from actually getting better results and getting to the end.

To capture your audience straight away and allow them to then go on to read your paper all right guys that is pretty much it. It i hope it’s giving you guys a good understanding of what you should actually include in your own essays. When you’re actually writing. As i mentioned if you guys want an actual example of my own essay and exactly how i wrote it. Step by step includes all of the figures.

To conclude:

The tables the abstracts reference absolutely everything then a link for my eBook on how to write an essay will be down below if you guys have any questions at all. What I’ve just spoken about or how to write an essay in general then please leave me a comment down below and make sure you’re subscribed make sure you liked to follow me on integral as well and I’ll see you guys on the next one.

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