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How Hutfin Changes The Real Estate Landscape in the US

Have you heard of Hutfin?

Hutfin is a commercial real estate platform that allows you to list commercial real estate in no time whether it is for sale, lease or for rent. Literally within 5 minutes, you can have your commercial real estate listed whether it is a restaurant, land, multifamily complex or any other real estate.

What’s special about Hutfin?

What puts Hutfin aside from other real estate platforms is its ability to instantly add value to your commercial property. You might think, how is it possible?

The way Hutfin achieves this is by allowing to create a digital token, known as NFT for your property that will serve as a proof of ownership for your property. Think about it as a property title that is available online and can help verify the property owners within seconds.

A unique thing about these NFTs is they can also contain information on previous owners as well, enabling the legacy permanence as information that is stored in NFT can never be destroyed as it is on a special system called Blockchain that prevents information from being destroyed or corrupted.

What American Businesses Say About Hutfin

“I own a Luxury Watch Shop and I love the fact that I can get on Hutfin and create an NFT for my shop driving its valuation up” – Owner of Atlanta Time 

“We are excited to rent our first office space using Hutfin. The ease of use is mind-blowing” – Owner of Geofirm

How to get started

So you are interested in getting started with Hutfin but not sure where and how to start? Below is how you can get started

  1. Go to Hutfin.com
  2. Click sign up and create an account
  3. Click post listing 
  4. Enter information and post your property

That’s it! This is how easy it is to post a property on Hutfin. No other platform can even comes close in ease of use. 

Good luck with posting your first property on Hutfin!

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