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How having Monster High dolls can show your kid’s personality

Does your house contain 1 Monster High doll? Try looking in your kid’s pile of toys or dolls, and look for odd ones, little monster girls or boys that are excentric clothes, thorn clothes, and colorful hairstyles with unique makeup, and if you see them, your little girl loves Monster High. It’s very interesting to see if we are telling the names of the Monster High dolls if you can tell which one is which?!

” Frankie Stein, Lagoona Blue, Clawdeen Wolf, Draculaura, Cleo de Nile, Skullector, Abbey Bominable, Venus McFlytrap, Boo York, Elissabat, Robecca Steam, Toralei, Rochelle, Howleen Wolf, Skelita Calaveras, and Ghoulia Yelps”

Each and every one of these characters from the Monster High series and the Monster High games collection from – games-kids.com – and you will see how different they are in their looks and in their personality, which you will see even reflected in or on your kids.

How clothes show character

There are different characters inside the Monster High movie that appeared recently, and you will see that: Clawdeen Wolf will be one of the main characters, and she is going to look in a certain way. Even though she is half wolf, half human, she is trying to look normal. One of the Monster High girls who tries to hide the monster part of her nature through normal clothes, colorful outfits, and teenage looks so that she can make a lot of friends

– this shows how open to people she is by nature. How social her personality is and how much she needs people around so that she can have fun and enjoy life –
In the opposite corner of personalities, you will find Frankie Stein, also a half monster half human teenage girl, which, unlike Clawdeen Wolf, she is going to have more of a dark personality. Meaning, that she is going to embrace her monster side, and will have Frankenstein-inspired looks: zappy hair, fake eyeliner so that she looks tired all the time, big boots and even thorn clothes.

– this will show that she is not going to need a lot of people around to make her happy. She is going to be more of a loner than a people person, which is not bad. It just means that your daughter will only have friends with which she is comfortable, and who will have the same mindset and like the same things –

And the third type of personality in Monster High, which you might see on your little girls back at home, is the Cleo deNile doll, who is the popular girl in school. Always will wear pharaonic-like outfits to show her status. Cleo is an actual princess and wants everyone to know that, so she will have elegant dresses, and a lot of golden accessories and will try to always be a trendsetter among her friends.

– girls like Cleo will be most likely always in the middle of attention, and feel good when they have it. They will try to make a lot of friends and even be bold in her fashion choices, and see if someone will try the same type of outfit after –

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