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How Does Magento 2 Size Chart Help to Create and Manage Size Charts?

Magento 2 Size Chart extension is a powerful tool that allows admins to add a perfect size chart template for customers, which can significantly enhance the shopping experience for your customers. The size chart in Magento works only with simple products, and it helps the buyer view the size chart, which allows customers to quickly find the right size and increases customer satisfaction.

Installation Methods

To install Magento 2 size chart, the customers will get the zip folder and extract the contents of this zip folder from their system. Now that the extracted folder has an SRC folder, go inside the SRC folder and get the app folder. After that, you need to transfer this app folder into the Magento 2 root directory on the server. After the successful installation of the Magento 2 size chart, you have to run these commands in the Magento 2 root directory.

Add Size Chart Templates

In Magento 2, the admin can add a size chart and can use templates that are appropriate for the product when adding a size chart to any product. After adding the size chart template, it appears on the web-store product page, allowing customers to easily find the right size and increasing customer satisfaction.

Size Chart Option On Product Page

A size chart option is available for the product, so customers can easily view the size chart details. There is a default size chart for a product that allows customers to enter their custom size values for the respective product. Now the customers will enter their custom size values for the respective product and choose their body type as plump, normal, or sporty. After that, check the acknowledgment and tap the save measurement button.


Implementing a Magento 2 size chart extension is a good thing for your e-commerce store. It improves the shopping experience for your customers by providing clear and accurate sizing information, ultimately reducing the likelihood of returns and improving customer satisfaction.

Uneeb Khan
Uneeb Khan
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