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How Disney+ is Using Industrial Convergence to Transform the Streaming Industry

Disney Plus is one of the most popular streaming services available today, worldwide. Disney Plus has been able to cater to a wide audience of roughly 150 million users in just 3 years. 

It provides great quality content in countries like the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and many more. On November 17, 2022, Disney+ started functioning in the Philippines, Turkey, Singapore as well.  Now you can Watch Disney Plus in Philippines, Turkey, Singapore without using a VPN. This article talks about how over the years Disney Plus has been able to form new associations and connections which have helped it grow, succeed as well as transform the Streaming Industry. 

Disney Plus and the Entertainment Industry 

Disney Plus is a praiseworthy streaming service, which makes it possible for its users to access content from Pixar, National Geographic, Walt Disney studios, Marvel, and ABC on a single platform. 

It has and proceeds to re-form its assets and capacities to adjust to changing business conditions and client inclinations. 

Disney Plus is successful today as it understood to flourish it needs to re-adjust its assets and capacities to changing ways of behaving in media utilization and buying preferences, and furthermore, how vital development is assisting Disney with making a competitive advantage to rival other streaming platforms like Netflix and future confirmation its development. 

Disney Plus has used industrial convergence, which has resultantly transformed the streaming Industry. Let’s discover how. 

About Industrial Convergence

Industrial convergence means the exchange of elements, business culture, business ethics, and business strategies between the entertainment industries of Southern California and Northern California. 

Convergence happens when the items and administrations of two or more individual businesses are seen by buyers as corresponding. Because of advances in innovation, Convergence is can play a greater part in empowering groundbreaking change in the entertainment and streaming industry.

The Rivals: NorCal and SoCal business 

When we talk about the entertainment industry, and streaming industry in particular, it is divided among 2 major groups. 

First one has organizations and platforms from North California (NorCal) and the other one has streaming services and broadcasting networks from South California(SoCal). Whats interesting is that despite being each other’s biggest rivals, these industries directly compete for viewership.

Some famous streaming platforms from NorCal are Youtube, Netflix and Apple. Big names from SoCal are Disney+ and Warner Media

Key Differences between NorCal and SoCal Entertaintment businesses 

  1. NorCal companies:
  • The NorCal business either centers around the formation of the basic frameworks expected to empower associated viewing,  for example, Facebook and YouTube
  • Or does content facilitating means it depends on client-created content like Spotify, Apple’s iTunes, and Netflix. 
  • Gather and have broad information on the web-based conduct and buying propensities of their users. 
  • Most NorCal companies rely on revenue from ads
  1. SoCal companies:
  • The SoCal business centers around proficient content creation of entertainment and its distribution.
  • The commitment around and sharing of SoCal delivered diversion carries traffic to the stages made by the NorCal business
  • NorCal and SoCal companies should learn from eachother in order to grow and succeed 

How Disney Plus used Industrial Convergence of SoCal and NorCal

The Walt Disney company from which Disney+ originated is a SoCal company. Throughout the long term, the organization has broadened the revenue generated by going into and benefitting of off new business sectors, for example, the amusement park industry with parks like Disney World in Orlando, and the cable Tv business which they entered with the presentation of the Disney Channel during the 1980s. 

Close to an expansion of income, there has likewise been an enhancement of the content. During the 2010s The Walt Disney Organization differentiated its substance library and creation with the procurement of Marvel and Pixar. Later it also bought Fox. 


Disney+ was initially made for facilitating content and as a spot for the arrival of unique content. Since the owners of Disney had bought Fox, Disney+ had famous and well-known vast content library of Fox including Home Alone, and Diary of a Wimpy Kid. Disney+ also produced good quality Originals which wew not outsourced to other platforms. Disney Plus chose to stay loyal to its SoCal ethics and releases content like customary TV broadcasting. 


BAMtech Media is the company which built and runs Disney+ has NorCal roots. Therefore, Disney+ has strong advertising technology. It also allows its users to simulcast a show or film, which attracts friends and family members to watch a similar film or show even when they are not together. The format of disney+ and the layout resembles to that of SoCal businesses. 

How Disney+ can help transform the Streaming Industry

In 2022, Disney+ was able to generate $7.4 Billion revenue. In the near future, Disney+ is expected to beat Netflix and Amazon prime, which are the two biggest  names when it comes to streaming. The blend of NorCal and SoCal business culture haas helped Disney+ succeed and grow. Disney+ has introduced users with great content and provided some valuable contributions to the entertainment industries by releasing some masterpieces in originals like Moon Knight, Once Upon a Time, and Just Beyond. If it keeps using industrial convergence strategies then Disney Plus can ultimately conquer the streaming industry. 

Some of the Best Movies Available On Disney+

If you want suggestions as to what to watch on Disney+. Here are some of the best movies available on Disney+, which you won’t regret watching.

  • Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope
  • Hamilton
  • The Avengers
  • Black Panther
  • The Princess Bride
  • The Lion King

Wrap Up!

Disney+ is one of the most popular streaming platforms today. It is available in more than 60 countries. From 17 November, 2022 it started functioning in the Phillipines as well. Disney+ has become viewer’s favourite in a short time span. 

This is because it has used elements and features from SoCal as well as NorCal businesses. Disney+ uses Industrial convergence to attract more viewers, this strategy has proved to be successful and in this way Disney+ can takeover other streaming platforms as well and totally transform the Streaming Industry. 

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