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How can overseas buy plot in Lahore Smart City? Guide


Lahore smart city is a great housing project that offers unique features you have never seen before. Only the second smart city in Pakistan, while it’s the only one in Lahore. It is already becoming popular among investors due to its latest technology and up-to-date features. 


The most vital factor of any housing scheme is its location. If the site isn’t right, then investors will hesitate to invest. However, you can put aside your concerns with Lahore’s smart city. The owners and developers kept this concern in mind and offered you a site accessible from multiple central areas in Lahore. So it has an accessible location just like the Capital smart city Islamabad.

Its location is on the; Lahore bypass, near the Lahore interchange. You can easily access the site from the Lahore-Sialkot motorway and Grand Trunk Lahore Road. Moreover, educational institutes such as the University of Engineering and Technology are near the housing society. It is only five minutes away from it. Additionally, Allama Iqbal Airport is only eighteen minutes away. Likewise, Defense Housing Authority Lahore (DHA) is also the same time away. Lastly, the best feature of the society is that it’s in a place that is away from the city noise—letting you create a life in a peaceful and calm environment. 

NOC status 

Investors need to invest in a legit society with Noc approval. Potential investors will avoid investing in societies that have not received their approval. Nevertheless, investors can put aside their concerns about Lahore’s smart city. The housing scheme received the honour of being given the No Objection Certificate (NOC) through the Lahore Development Authority (LDA).

Moreover, it also got its approval in fifty-five days, which is very early for any society. Hence because of its NOC approval, people are investing more in society. The prices are also going up fast. The NOC approval is now evidence that the housing society is secure and safe for investors. 

Payment plant

A flexible payment plan is every investor’s biggest desire. Well, Lahore smart city has granted your wish. The housing society ensured investors had a comfortable experience with the payment plan. It compromises of 10% down payment followed by a 10% confirmation payment. The housing society allows a time of two months to make the confirmation payment. 

Furthermore, you will have to pay the rest of the payment in twelve quarterly instalments in the coming three years. Additionally, you can attain incredible discounts such as on 50% payments, 5% will be off. You will also save 10% on lump sum payments. 


The housing society has a wide range of blocks to offer. All the blocks provide various sizes of plots, both residential and commercial. Society’s most luxurious block is the executive block and overseas prime block 2. Other valuable blocks include the excellent overseas block and the general block as well. The general block was the first block established in the housing society. 

Furthermore, the overseas block is specifically made for overseas Pakistanis. Its purpose is to offer secure investment options to fellow Pakistanis who live abroad. The block has an exclusive range of properties to show that are beneficial for investment. 

Procedure for overseas investors

Moreover, there is a complete procedure for a fellow if you are an overseas Pakistani hoping to invest in the overseas block. There are two ways to book a plot as an overseas Pakistani. First, you must manually download the blank application forms if you book through authorised overseas dealers. You can also be a smart member of Lahore smart city, allowing you to print application forms online. After the application form, you must submit a down payment of your desired property with the processing fee into the Lahore smart city bank account. Similarly, you can also directly book a plot through online e-forms.

Mandatory Documents for overseas block booking 

The below documents must be submitted with the booking forms:

  • Passport photographs 
  • Copy of your passport or NICOP
  • Copy of NICOP or CNIC of the nominee
  • Evidence of payment 
  • Original deposit slip stamped by bank or in the occurrence of online transaction print the transaction and submit it 

Once you have gathered all the forms, please send them to the authorised overseas dealer. 


Lahore smart is an illustrious housing society. It aims to provide unique smart features. It is only the first time society is offering such incredible facilities and amenities. Due to its uniqueness, investors are finding the housing scheme highly attractive.

The most significant features of the society are its ideal location, convenient payment play, noc approval and easy booking procedure for overseas investors. Therefore, it is the prime place for overseas investors. Moreover, it offers all basic and grand facilities aiding you in living a healthy and luxurious life. 

Uneeb Khan
Uneeb Khan
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