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How can HRMS support and streamline a 4-Day Work Week?

Balancing the work-life is a struggle for every employee. After the rising demand to work from home, there is a new buzz in the tech market, about a 4-day work week. This new term brings a lot of changes that seemed impossible in the past, but now in the present, with the help of the latest AI technology, this seems to become possible. Good and innovative HRMS software is needed to balance the life of employees and their working style, as a sudden shift is not possible for anyone.

The question here is whether employees finish their five-day work in four days efficiently. So, the answer is the chances are 50-50. It depends on the organisation and the employees how efficiently they can handle this change and how organisations take necessary steps to make the change swift for employees.

Employees need flexibility in their work and want to spend more valuable time with their loved ones and themselves. Thus, this new trend of working is popular among new tech lovers employees. It increases the number of scheduled hours for work in four days, but then they will get three days to relax and do whatever they like. It helps to deal with the employee burnout situation. Although it raises the work pressure with the power of automation and streamlining, managing the tasks becomes somewhat easy.

In this blog, we dive into how easy-to-use HRMS helps companies to do experiments within a four-day working week. This strategy will help to engage employees and reduce the employee turnover rate. With the right use of software and its features, productivity increases, and the workplace culture becomes healthy and more energetic.

What is a 4-day Work Week?

It is a new trend for working employees as now employees have to work only four days a week rather than five days. It brings a lot of changes in the working style and personal life of the employees, but employees are loving as they are getting three days as a weekend. Some major changes that an employee has to face during this trend are working longer hours, more work pressure, and higher expectations from companies. But thankfully, with the latest collaborative and the best HRMS software in India, the workload reduces to half, and employees are free from time-consuming work. They then put their efforts into more useful and necessary project commitments.

5 Ways in which HRMS helps the 4-day Work Week

By including HRMS in a four-day workweek, the pressure gets reduced, and the employee is more relaxed. Overall, this human resource management software helps streamline the work, which increases the productivity and efficiency of an employee. 

Let’s see how HRMS helps employees and organisations to be tough competitors for others.

1. Employee retention: When an employee remains in the same organisation and does the work efficiently is known as employee retention. This retention is the result of many things that include the employee enjoying working in the company, getting value, appreciation for his work, and many more.

2. Recruit the best employees: The recruitment process is very boring and time-consuming for everyone. Thus HRMS solves this problem by automating it and making HR free from the burden of a long process. Including it in four days a working week is like a backbone support to employees. It saves time, which gets invested in other projects.

3. Create work and personal life balance: As the employees are surrounded by work, it results in burnout situations. The work-life balance is essential for organisations. This software helps to maintain this balance as it allows the amount of work to an employee that they can easily cope with. Thus, no extra pressure is put on employees as a limited workload is allocated to everyone.

4. Employee satisfaction: Employee satisfaction is much needed to run a long-term and successful business. This satisfaction comes when employees feel valued and appreciated for their hard work. And thus, the software provides a dashboard that highlights the name of star performers of the month that give them the satisfaction that they are working for the right organisation and for the right purpose.

5. Increased productivity: When an employee gets everything in one software, they become more productive as now they don’t have to bother someone or wait for responses to play their role. This innovative HRMS software is a unified platform that provides every necessary feature required by your employee. Whether he wants to check his leave, check attendance, see the growth, or apply for leave, all can be done in a single click.


If you are also looking to adopt a 4-day workweek trend for your organisation, make sure that you do uKnowva to streamline your process and make the employees comfortable in the new settings. This software makes your team more efficient so that they can accomplish more by working less.

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