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How An Online Phone Number For SMS Works

Most web and social networking services require the user to provide a phone number when registering. In terms of personal data protection, this is a sensible step: that access to the account is by double authentication (a password and a special code that comes in the form of an SMS). However, there are situations where this becomes a problem. For example, if a person needs to create another page on the same resource and the phone can only be used once.

This is the purpose of virtual phone numbers on the internet – it helps you to register an unlimited number of accounts at minimal cost.

What is an online mobile number for SMS?

An online phone number is a service, which is provided to users by service providers or third-party sites. A special feature of a virtual phone number is that there is no physical SIM card, and there is no link to the user’s mobile device or location. Because of this phone number can be used from any device, and all you need for its use is an internet connection.

Most often people use a virtual number for a short period in order to register an account on the Internet. The algorithm for using SMS verification service is simple:

  1. User registers on SMS service and get an online mobile number
  2. Further, he/she states the received virtual phone number when registering the account
  3. The service sends a message with a confirmation code to the virtual number, which can be viewed in a private office on the SMS verification service

Why you might need an online mobile number?

Special services, which offer an online fake phone number for SMS, are actual when it is necessary to register new account in social networks, and you own number is not enough, or you don’t want to use it. Also, such a phone number is useful when:

– There is no desire to show your personal number in conversations with other people;

– You want to increase your chances of participating in a lottery or promotion where your phone number serves as an identifier;

– To create additional profiles in social networks and messengers where it is required to confirm phone number to complete registration.

– To protect yourself from fraudsters by entering an anonymous virtual phone number for receiving SMS instead of your own number during registration.

– To register on a site where there are regional restrictions and registration from your country is not possible. Virtual numbers are not linked to your location, so you can choose a mobile operator from any suitable country.

You can think of many variations, but the point remains the same: Using a virtual phone number can make your life much easier and help you with a certain number of tasks.

How to get an online phone number to receive SMS

SMS verification services provide an opportunity to receive and use such virtual phone numbers for SMS. One of the most popular of such services is the resource SMS-man, which offers virtual numbers from 250 countries to receive SMS messages.

To obtain a virtual number using SMS-man you will need to follow the steps below:

Step 1. Do a quick registration at sms-man.com;

Step 2. Top up your balance;

Step 3. Select the desired country of mobile operator;

Step 4. Specify the service from which SMS is to be received;

Step 5. Press “Buy” button next to the selected service;

Step 6. Specify virtual number when registering on website and wait until SMS with confirmation code is sent;

Step 7. Receive an SMS confirmation code and enter it to finish registration.

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