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Horizon: 7 Unsolved Mysteries In The Franchise

Here are the biggest and best mysteries that haven’t been answered in the Horizon series, which is full of stories.

The Horizon games are all about finding out what’s going on in the world. Aloy, an outsider, is the main character of the series. She is trying to find out what almost killed off humanity and how to stop it from happening again. Since the Horizon lore talks about things that happened over a thousand years, it’s clear that there are still a lot of questions and puzzles to be solved.

Even though some in-game collectibles talk about how Horizon’s societies grew, fell, and then came back to life, there are still huge chunks of lore that are still unknown. Here are some of the most puzzling parts of the series.

Why Did The Twelve Outlanders Attack Mother’s Vigil?

Several years before the events of Horizon: Zero Dawn, twelve outsiders attacked the Nora village of Mother’s Vigil and killed a lot of people while taking a number of people prisoners. Even though we know what will happen to these strangers, we don’t know why they attacked. It’s possible that the outlanders were just robbing the town, but some dialogue in the game makes it seem like there might be more to the story.

High Matriarch Teersa says that the outlanders later went past an old wreck, where “strange noises” could be heard coming from their camp.One interesting idea says that the outlanders were actually after some kind of old-world technology, maybe the Shield-Weaver armour. However, the real reasons for the attack and what happened after are never explained.

Where Are The Other Cradle Facilities?

After the Faro swarm killed off all living things on Earth, the Eleuthia cradle facilities brought back new life. A cradle site in Colorado called Eleuthia-9 is an important part of the story. With the possible exception of the Quen. All of the tribes you meet are likely descended from people who were born in Eleuthia-9. A piece of information found in the Zero Dawn Project Facility shows that there are two other Eleuthia cradle facilities, one in China and the other in Mozambique.

But they never say how many cradle sites there are or where they are. This question could be solved in a future game. Since these places could give clues about where other tribes might be.

What Happened To Elysium?

Some of the people who worked on Project Zero Dawn and their families were allowed to live out the rest of their lives in Elysium, a sealed location away from the Faro Plague. With only enough resources to last about 100 years. Elysium was not seen as a place where humans could live for a long time. In Horizon: Forbidden West, Gaia says that all the signals from the facility stopped years before they were supposed to.

This sudden break in communication says that something terrible went wrong inside Elysium. Even though it’s likely that the Faro swarm destroyed the building. No one has ever been able to say for sure. At the moment, nobody knows what will happen to the people who live in Elysium.

Is Vast Silver Still Out There?

Vast Silver was a smart AI that monitored the world and was said to have gone bad sometime in the 2040s. The AI’s escape led to the creation of The Turing Act, a law that limits how people can make AIs that can think for themselves.

Even though we don’t know what will happen to Vast Silver right now. There are signs that the AI is still around somewhere. Since Rogue AIs keep showing up in the Horizon games. Aloy and Vast Silver could meet at some point in the future.

Is There More To The Faro Glitch?

In 2064, a bug led a bunch of machines made by Faro Automated Solutions to start acting strangely. Since the swarm was able to turn biomass into fuel. It moved quickly to gather and destroy all life on Earth. Even though this is one of the most important events in Horizon’s history. Not much is known about what caused the glitch, if anything.

Even though it’s likely that Ted Faro was to blame. It’s also possible that someone else tried to cause the problem on purpose. Since the glitch directly affects what happens in the games, not knowing what caused it is an interesting puzzle.

Who Were The Hunters With The Same Faces?

In Zero Dawn, the first game, players can find a symbol written by Considerate Udain, a Carja healer. The symbol looks like a group of hunters with the same face who live in the Forbidden West. In the second Tunnel Rush game, however, a data point shows that Udain often made things up.

Even though it’s likely that the text was just an exaggerated account of the Tenakth. It’s important to remember that cloning is possible in the world of Horizon, so Udain’s long story could still be true.

Who Is Sylens?

Even though Sylens is a very important character in the story, not much is known about his past. The blue wires in his skin make it look like he used to be a member of the Banuk tribe. But The Frozen Wilds DLC hints that he was probably just pretending to be a member of the tribe to get information from the shamans.

In a funny way, the only thing that can be said for sure about Sylens is that he is always trying to learn more. But since a third game is in the works, this question might be solved in the future.

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