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Flying High: 5 High-Paying Aerospace Jobs You Can Get With A PMP Certification

Have you just started your career as a project manager?  Or maybe you plan to move to the Middle East? Opting for high-ranking positions in any company is challenging. And especially with project managers aiming to break into the aerospace industry, the competition is at an all-time high.

Having said that, if you have plans to advance higher in your project managerial career, you need to get a PMP certification. It’s understandable why young aspirants and mid-career project manager professionals want to become a part of the booming industries in the Middle East. If you think you are meeting all the requirements,  then you should definitely consider getting industry-specific specialized PMP training in Abu Dhabi.

However, getting a job in the aerospace industry is not a cakewalk. Project managers, in particular, need to be aware of the credentials of the job they are applying for. Sometimes they need to fulfill certain requirements before they even land a job. And that could either be a certification, an experience, or even a project.

In this case, a PMP certification would not only amplify your resume but also equip you with the knowledge and skills that will help you to sail through your new position. But what if you already are PMP certified? How will it help you land a grand position in a reputed aerospace company, and what jobs are in most demand after this certification? In this post, we will discuss why you need a PMP certification and the six most high-paying jobs for PMP-certified professionals.

Why a PMP certification is a must

Being a PMP-certified professional has its own perks. With this certification, you can expect more opportunities to come your way. It is no joke that companies indeed look for professionals who stand out in the crowd which is what a PMP certification does. As we know, large projects require project managers who not only excel in handling such big issues but also commands efficient decision in sealing huge deals. Getting a PMP certification will refine your existing skill set and charge you for rapid career growth. It will enhance your marketability and put an official tag on your previous managerial experience. Moreover, you will see a spurt in networking, as a big certification means taking on bigger challenges. Networking with high-ranking project managers will also increase your chances of landing a high-paying job.

All that said, understand that ultimately your success as a project manager depends upon how you utilize what you learned. Just getting a certification won’t help you land your dream job, you need to scale up your other skills and start leveraging them.

High-paying jobs after pmp certifications

Applying for a managerial position in the aerospace industry requires of you two kinds of skillset. One that focuses on your project management skills and the second is your expertise in technical aspects. So, before you start applying, make sure you are on top of your game. Below, we have discussed five amazing, high-paying jobs that are a must for a PMP-certified professional.

Aerospace project management

In this position, you are a key player. Expect to handle specific projects on managing key supply chains, as well as handling resources management. Global aerospace companies are undergoing massive reforms in organizational and structural management. Despite its complex mechanism, PMP-certified professionals looking to expand in this sector can apply for this position.

Aerospace Technical Project Manager

This role asks for succinct knowledge of the technical aspects of the aerospace industry. If you have a technical degree along with a PMP certification, you are all set for this role. The role comprises handling high-end, modern networks and digital information grids. Other responsibilities include managing, planning, procurement, and maintaining of power and environmental equipments.

Aspirants looking to set their sights on this role must be very clear about the requirements. The role also offers professionals to land positions abroad, so if you have plans to move outside, especially to the middle east, getting professional training in Abu Dhabi is the best choice.

Aerospace IT manager

PMP-certified professionals with a degree in IT or even a diploma are perfectly suited for this role. As an IT manager, you are expected to take on IT projects and define goals that cater to the organization’s objectives. Assimilating these ideas may take time, but once you are acquainted with all the plans, you will be expected to make big decisions.

Product manager(both aerospace and defense)

Aerospace industries have defined goals which means you need to be efficient in defining objectives that are not only effective in shaping the products but also in how it performs once it’s in the out. The job requires you to emphasize specific products such as manufacturing, pricing, etc.

Aerospace program manager

As a program manager, you will be tasked with handling resource management, coordinating projects across organizations. The role also entails analyzing and assessing the program’s goals so as to maintain a high level of detail for each project.

What’s next

Growing industries in the Middle East have transformed into a hub for many young and mid-career professionals. Youth see them as a hotbed for opportunities, as do experienced professionals. Similarly, if you are looking to ply your trade in the upcoming aerospace sectors in the Gulf. It makes sense to opt for PMP certification. As a PMP-certified professional not only will you score high chances of landing that lucrative job but you will also stand ahead of others. To widen your chances, you can also choose to get PMP certification from PMO-accredited institutes in Abu Dhabi. There are many such institutes that offer top-class PMP training in Abu Dhabi.

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