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Here’s What You Didn’t Know About AR Pistol Braces

But first, let’s start with what you may know: a primer on the advantages of using an AR pistol brace.

Why AR Pistol Braces Remain Popular
What isn’t surprising is that AR pistol braces have been popular for a long time because they completely change the shooting experience.

A pistol brace is attached, in the case of an AR pistol, to the buffer tube. It extended away to the rear of the firearm platform, like a stock, but unlike a stock, it is not designed to be fired from the shoulder.

In the case of the pistol brace, it either sits against the user’s forearm or is secured to the user’s forearm via a strap.

Despite the fact that this doesn’t allow the gun to be technically “shouldered” it does offer a great deal of stability to AR pistols and other unwieldy handgun platforms.

Some shooters also find that pistol braces help to better absorb recoil, controlling muzzle flip and improving handling and control over the firearm.

This allows these firearms to be fired with one hand with much greater control and confidence, which can stabilize the platform, enhance accuracy, and improve confidence and handling.

Why Were AR Pistol Braces First Created
Now for what you didn’t know: why pistol braces were ever created, in the first place. For some, the origin of pistol braces may be a surprising tale. They were actually first created as a way to accommodate shooters with disabilities.

First off, pistol braces (also known as pistol stabilizers or pistol stabilizing braces) are relatively new to the world of firearms.

Pistol braces were first created in 2012. The inventor, a guy by the name of Alex Bosco, who is a veteran of both the United States Army and Marine Corps, had the idea while at a range with his friend, a disabled veteran.

His friend was instructed by the range safety officer to stop firing, as it appeared to the safety officer that he could not control the weapon.

Alex Bosco got the idea of creating a brace that would attach to the firearm and could be secured to the shooter’s forearm. This would stabilize the platform and greatly benefit disabled shooters, like his friend.

He then went on to establish SB Tactical, the first company to produce pistol braces. They quickly became popular in the industry and many other producers, such as Sig Sauer and Century Arms International, followed suit.

While some find that they add bulk to the pistol or are uncomfortable to use, there are also millions of gun owners across the country that use and reap the stabilizing, recoil-mitigating benefits of pistol braces.

Where Can You Find Quality AR Pistol Braces?
Interested in learning more about what types of pistol braces are available? Check out what’s in stock at MCS Gearup online at MCSGearup.com.

They carry a wide range of AR pistol braces that are perfect for customizing home builds. Many of their pistol braces are made from high-strength, corrosion-resistant anodized aluminum and contain M-LOK slots and QD attachment points.

MCS Gearup sells much more than just pistol braces. They also sell most of the parts and components you would need to complete a rifle build project at home, including but not limited to lower parts kits, magazines, tools, attachments, rail systems, rifle upper parts kits, and even assembled uppers that will save builders time and effort.

Check out their website for more information and if you have any questions about what they offer, get in touch with them directly at Sales@MCSGearup.com.

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