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Fashion Guide For Ever-famous Hollywood Star Margot Robbie Suicide Squad Costume

Are you looking for something sassy to style and are a big Harley Quinn Fan ? This ultimate fashion guide is for you. While celebrating one of the most iconic DC villains of all time, we would like to guide this fashion guide to give you a glimpse of the famous character Harley Quinn Jacket.

You may have seen Suicide Squad and saw how awesome Margot Robbie was while portraying Harley Quinn. While Batman The Animated Series was the introduction to the villain, the movie itself skyrocketed the characters popularity to new heights. Pretty Amazing, huh ? 

Most of the people are looking for something that would be a cool cosplay subject for this year. Then why not style as Harley Quinn this year ? Some would often say that the Harley Quinn Jacket in the movie was the most awesome thing to wear. Since you are a fan of comic books, then this guide will surely entertain you.

The Black and Maroon Leather Jacket

Like I said in the previous article, leather jackets have become a trendy part of fashion nowadays. If you add Harley Quinn Jacket to the mix, this would be a much more trendy affair.  As beautifully designed as it is, the black and maroon jacket is your goto here, especially for the women who love this crazy character.

The red on the right side and black on the left side just makes it feel something special while giving some mean girl vibes along with it.

The Black and Maroon Vest

Tired of the Harley Quinn Jacket here ? Try the black and maroon vest on for size. It offers something unique on the table while retaining the beauty and design from the previous one. You might have seen how Margot Robbie rocked the vest in the movie, of course. Then why not have the same opportunity.

The leather vests have achieved a wide degree of popularity too while making it a good addition in the wardrobe.

The Black and Maroon Leather Leggings

You might be thinking that most of the apparel here is of the black and maroon color scheme of the Harley Quinn Jacket. Yes the leggings along with the outer wear has the color palette resembling that of Harley Quinn’s classic attire along with the modern one seen in the movie. So, why not adopt the same style to drive the people insane ?

The leggings really add to the character and personality of the fictional character as a whole.

Black Leather Gloves

If you are looking to complete their look, then add the black leather gloves for some action. No matter what outfit Harley Quinn might wear along with the leather jacket, the gloves are one of the most prominent features of it. The cosplay would not get any better than adding the gloves for a complete look.

Black Ankle Boots

The ankle boots has become a popular fashion accessory as it is immensely known among the casual women and the celebrities alike. The footwear that Harey Quinn wears is the black ankle boots. You might have seen how awesome the boots looked on the actor in the movie. This, along with the gloves, completes the whole outlook of the character.

Leather Holster and Gun

If you are cosplaying Harley Quinn, then you are cosplaying a very bold look of a deadly crazy lady. You may call the character crazy, but it would make her far more deadly with a gun. You can have a fake gun to add into the holster, which is actually a holder for many guns. Do know that the holster here is of the black color as it would also fit the kind of bold cosplay you are doing this year.

Black Leather Belt

Sometimes, a bit of minor details are required to complete a look. So, the black leather belt here is a worthy inclusion. The belt not only offers the fitting but also a more bolder yet funky look to the cosplay.


You might have noticed that Harley Quinn would also wear some jewelry as well. One of those accessories would include a choker as part of her iconic costume design. The black choker is popular within the young teenage girls. So, why not add a little young charm to the bold look.

Black Nail Paint

The black nails not only present a darker tone to a character, but also the beauty beyond it. It is not just used in the costume that the character wears, but also many of the anime characters would use it too as you have already seen it.


Last but not least, the look would not be complete without the addition of the blond wig. No need to worry about the pink and blue highlights, jus apply the hair chalk on the wig and you are good to go.


It might seem like dressing up as Harley Quinn is easy, but getting the accessories might be a little bit hard. However, this guide over her would certainly help you come up with the best looks.

Whether it is a Harley Quinn Jacket you are wearing or the whole outfit of the same color scheme, things would just get crazier and bolder.

Uneeb Khan
Uneeb Khan
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