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Hanan Bilal, The Beauty Expert, Is A Title For Brilliance And Expertise

Hanan Bilal.  One of the world’s most skilled beauticians.  I was born in Kuwait.  Wedan has the great value that it has added to the world of cosmetically.  And that was through a great career in which the creative Hanan Bilal did everything she could to build her name and achieve her dreams of being the most distinguished beautician.  Young talent Hanan entered the world of plastic surgery at an early age.

She seemed to have a great passion for the profession in addition to the learnability she had had since she was a child.  And she began to refine her talent in the field of cosmetcally day after day.  With extensive training and great determination to achieve her goals and dreams.  Until I got to where I am today.

Hanan Bilal’s name is prominent in the international makeup artist’s list.  Many celebrities in the Arab world rush to book an appointment for a cosmetic session.  Among them was Halima Boland.  She is the most famous Kuwaiti TV presenter in Kuwait and Arab countries.  And to the list of celebrities that Hanan Bilal Tajmil worked for, Dr. Kholoud, who is famous on social media for her YouTube videos, which specializes in the field of cosmetcally, was added.  Finally, it was the Kuwaiti actress Hind Al Balushi and other Arab celebrities.  Hanan offers make-up services at her beauty center in Kuwait.

As her work in this center is the main.  It also has a great activity on social media, through which it was able to gain millions of followers and achieve fame.  She publishes important content that includes videos explaining mainly about beauty.  As well as on the platforms of Snapchat, Tik Tok, etc.. The young woman, Hanan, has gained the trust of people because of her great skills in her field of work.

She professionally mastered the use of modern beauty equipment.  It has unique skills that enable it to perfectly deal with hair problems and get rid of them.  And she paints make-up as a masterful canvas like never before.  It removes make-up professionally without harming the skin and face.  And what qualified her to work as a beautician is that she obtained a certificate approved by the Kuwaiti Craft Society with all merit.  In addition to a diploma in the use of modern cosmetic devices.

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