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How Can Hampton Roads Offer a Great Business Environment?

Because of its broad economy, well-integrated transportation system, technological innovation, and qualified workforce, the southeast Virginia area of Hampton Roads, which borders the Atlantic Ocean, is seeing rapid growth. With a variety of commercial properties, an excellent business networking ecosystem, and recession resistance, Hampton Roads is a fantastic spot to expand your company.

What Is Hampton Roads?

The business clusters in Hampton are a distinctive and diverse mix of expanding and existing ones that are well-located for success. Hampton provides access to a highly skilled workforce since it is supported by aerospace and military sectors, significant medical clinics, and higher education institutions.

This city is an obvious option for well-established companies. The Hampton Roads Business Environment offers a central east coast position, agreeable climate, aggressive subsidies, cutting-edge industrial estates, and simple access to an interconnected transportation network. Therefore, many businesses and entrepreneurs relocate there.

What Does Hampton Roads Offer to Businesses?

For a variety of reasons, Hampton Roads draws and keeps firms of international repute. Since 1607, Hampton Roads, which consists of 14 distinct cities, has served as a major trade and economic hub. The area maintains a first-rate infrastructure that simplifies transferring commodities between domestic and foreign markets.

Businesses that rely on Virginia’s ports for global access need the Port of Virginia, which has the deepest harbor on the East Coast of the United States. A gateway to the world, Hampton Roads provides an unmatched connection. The Port of Virginia is among the Top 6 Most Technological Ports in the United States. The area is home to the two transatlantic submarine cables with the largest capacity (160 terabits/second) in the world.

Over 160 flights per day are offered from the two airports in Hampton Roads to 26 airports, 17 of which are important hubs and international entry points.

Additionally, 60% of inhabitants commute to work, fostering a sense of community and cohesion across the area. The average travel time for locals is 24 minutes. During the busiest commuting hours, just 22% of the area is congested, compared to roughly 60% in bigger cities like Los Angeles.

The Hampton Roads area is linked to both the Mid-Atlantic region and the Northeast corridor via the Northeast Regional Amtrak service, which travels between Boston and many locations in Virginia.

What Are the Commercial Benefits of Hampton Roads?

In Hampton, where Interstates 64 and 664 meet, there is good access to Interstates 95 and 85 and two international airports. Additionally, the city’s position makes it simple to access the Port of Hampton Roads and gives companies access to a global market.

60% of the US population is within 700 miles of Hampton. Additionally, technical innovation is based in Hampton. The Hampton-based NASA Langley Research Center was established to assist NASA’s space initiatives. Hampton was also the birthplace of the National Institute of Aerospace (NIA). (NIA) was founded to conduct cutting-edge aerospace and atmospheric research and to produce new technologies.

Core Highlights of Commercial Benefits

Two important objectives are entrepreneurship and workforce development. Arconic is a producer of castings for industrial gas turbine and aerospace applications, and the company has headquarters in Hampton. Huntington Ingalls Industries, America’s biggest military shipbuilder and a supplier of expert services to partners in government and industry, is also based in Hampton. Additionally, you might benefit from local healthcare organizations like Riverside Health System and Sentara Healthcare.

In Hampton, the destination retail and entertainment sector is a multimillion-dollar business. The city’s position as a regional retail center and tourist attraction is cemented by the distinctive entertainment options and variety of shops that have decided to set up shop in Hampton. The city’s economic development efforts encouraging the development of new mixed-use, retail, entertainment, high-density higher-value residential, and tourist developments are a big part of the reason why Hampton’s retail sector is expanding.

Hampton has been named among the finest places to live by Money magazine because of its rich history and small-town charm. In a recent national ranking of the most inexpensive waterfront towns, Hampton came in at number eight. Hampton is regarded as a national leader in civic participation and youth development.

Considering Hampton’s strategic position, extensive waterfront, bustling commercial districts, and successful retail projects, it is clear why so many businesses are selecting Hampton.

Why Should You Choose Hampton?

Hampton Roads is a collection of interconnecting towns centered on one of the greatest natural ports in the world. Hampton Roads, which is home to 20% of Virginia’s populace, is situated in a picturesque coastal region in the southeast of the Commonwealth.

Due to its pristine location at the confluence of the Atlantic Ocean and the Chesapeake Bay, Hampton Roads serves as both a national entry point and a pillar for future expansion. Cities and counties in the area have a long history, dating back to the earliest English colonies in the United States and the last conflict for independence. So, if you decide to go with Hampton Roads, you can’t go wrong.

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