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GSM Tarpaulin: The Best Price for the Best Quality

When you’re looking for the best in high-quality outdoor products, look no further than the fine tarpaulins sold by Outdoor Sports Tarpaulin Inc. Here, you’ll find everything from top-of-the-line tarpaulins to tents, canopies, and many other pieces of outdoor equipment that will help keep you comfortable in any weather conditions as well as protect your most valuable possessions. And when you order from us today, you’ll receive free shipping on all orders over $150! Order now!

Things to Know When Buying GSM Tarps

It’s important to know what you’re looking for when buying a tarp. Make sure to buy from a reputable company with fair prices and quality materials. Unisignflex meets all of these criteria. For example, Unisignflex sells their 680 gsm tarps for $15/yd2. This is a great price compared to other competitors that charge twice as much! Plus, Unisignflex provides an excellent customer service experience. All of this combined makes it clear why people love shopping at Unisignflex for their GSM tarps!

How Should I Wash My GSM Tarp?

Unisignflex believes that a healthy tarp needs to be cleaned and sanitized every few months. If you’re using your tarp with various liquids, choose cleaning chemicals that won’t degrade your GSM quality. With 680 gsm tarpaulin price, you can use mild dishwashing liquid and bleach. Rinse the cloth clean before proceeding to wash the GSM. After you’ve washed your GSM tarp, let it dry in the sun or on a clothesline until it’s completely dry.

When not in use, store your GSM tarpaulin in an airtight container like a plastic storage tub or large zip-lock bag. Make sure there is some ventilation so it doesn’t get moldy! You should also hang up tarps indoors when possible to allow them to dry faster between uses.

How Do I Choose the Right Sizes For Different Jobs?

One of the most important decisions to make when buying a tarp is the size, which is determined by how large you need it to be and what purpose it will serve. Are you looking for something to cover a motorcycle or something to lay on top of your workbench? You can also look at tarps in terms of pounds per square yard (PSY) – this number refers to how much weight a tarp can support.

Why Should I Use a Waterproof GSM Groundsheet Underneath My Tarp?

Putting a groundsheet underneath your tarp helps to keep the weight of precipitation from sinking into soft ground. GSM measures how tightly woven your tarp is. The higher your GSM number, the tighter woven it is and the more water resistant it will be. Use this rule of thumb to help you decide what GSM tarp you need – 1,000 gsm is best for dry weather or light rain, 2,000 gsm should be used in moderate rain (for example summer storms), 3,000 gsm provides excellent protection against heavy rain or hail storms. Our most popular 680 gsm tarpaulin price sells for an affordable $5/sq ft (1.2 cents per sq inch).

What is an Edge Protector and Why Would I Need One?

An edge protector, also called a dry edge or vapor barrier, is a piece of equipment that can be positioned along the side of a house or building to prevent moisture from seeping in. These often come with what is known as tapered edges which helps seal the barriers together so that no water can get inside. Edge protectors come in different thicknesses and some are made from polyurethane to better resist abrasion.

What are Some Tips for Storing Tarps and Drying Them after Washing?

Storage and drying depend on type of tarpaulin, its material, and size. In order to figure out the best way to store and dry your tarp after washing it, you need to know the GSM of your tarp. Once you have this information, consider drying it in a different place than it was stored if possible.

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