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Google Partners With Coinbase Crypto News

The world’s largest internet company just partner with the largest U.S Bitcoin and crypto company probably nothing says Bitcoin magazine. If you’re a macro-minded investor you definitely know these headlines in the short term don’t always impact price right away. What this means for crypto in the middle of this bear market. So we can start thinking again along the macro mindset but here’s the news powered by Coinbase Commerce which enables Merchants globally to accept cryptocurrency payments in a decentralized way. The new payments experience will benefit Google Cloud’s customers and partners by increasing the optionality of payments for Google cloud services. CEO of Google Cloud said the company’s focus is to make it frictionless for all customers frictionless.

We’re in the middle of a bear market so that news really didn’t do anything and it’s not the first time we saw news like that but these headlines and the importance they have in the macro growth of crypto cannot be highlighted enough if you’re a short-term investor. If you’re a macro-minded investor these are building blocks. In addition, Google will use Coinbase prime the exchanges institutional cryptocurrency investing and custody platform. The collaboration will also bring Coinbase’s global data platform to Google Cloud enabling cryptocurrency developers to access Google’s bit query public data sets which will be powered by Coinbase Cloud nodes.

Another recent headline, America’s oldest bank BNY Mellon now offers Bitcoin custody Services. America’s oldest bank said it would begin receiving clients’ cryptocurrencies on Tuesday. Beginning the first becoming large U.S Bank to safeguard digital assets alongside traditional Investments on the same platform. The world’s largest asset management company with over 10 trillion dollars in assets under management announced in August that it would start offering Bitcoin trading in custody in partnership with Coinbase. Bitcoin is on the charts just falling from its all-time high. Right now bitcoin sitting at around a 72+ percent dip. The daily chart for Bitcoin becoming more and more undervalued, It feels like we’ve been in this bear market for a very long time but it hasn’t been that long. The Bitcoin Google bullish headlines are the building blocks and Stepping Stones to bitcoin entering the next bull market. Crypto trading tips

From a technical analysis perspective in the next bull market Bitcoin will cross hundred thousand dollars. Now it doesn’t matter how bullish the headlines are for Bitcoin in the short term it really doesn’t matter because Bitcoin will follow the move to the downside. The short-term news doesn’t immediately translate on the charts and we always analyze the charts from a macro perspective with the macro mindset and we say okay maybe this doesn’t play out like this but it is just the wisest thing.

Uneeb Khan
Uneeb Khan
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