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Gomed Stone – Astrological Significance, Benefits and Price

Gomed or Gomedha Ratan is a beautiful stone. This gem is popularly known as Hessonite gemstone worldwide. Honey like the color of this stone makes it highly appealing and eye-catching. The brownish-golden hue is the reason why it is used highly in jewelry making and oriental pieces. But mostly this stone is used because of its astrological significance. In astrology, the Gomed stone is given much importance. This is because the physical and metaphysical properties of the stone are known to give many advantages to the person who wears it. 

It is known that the Hessonite stone has the ability to provide you with mental clarity, enhance cognitive ability, and help in gaining calm.

Below, we are mentioning, the more benefits of wearing a Gomed gemstone, and why you should consider wearing it.

Astrological Significance of the Gomed Stone 

Every gemstone that is found on Earth is said to have a connection with an astrological planet. The position of these planets decides our fate. This link between the stones and planets also makes changes in our lives which is why we are recommended to wear these gemstones to make the position of a planet in our favour.

As for the Gomed Ratna, this astrological planet has a connection with the planet Rahu. Rahu in an unfavorable position causes a lot of troubles in the life of the person. It can bring many obstacles to your tasks, especially big ones.

To remove these negative effects and obstacles from your path caused by the Rahu, you should wear an original Hessonite gemstone. The stones’ dynamic energy flow and vibrations will remove the negativity from your life and bring optimism.

But before wearing a powerful stone like Hessonite, you should consult an astrologer.

Astrological Benefits of Wearing a Hessonite Stone 

There are many benefits of the Gomed Stone. This stone removes all the negative energies from the life of the person. It can be evil spirits, bad omens, or negative influences of a person, all will be kept at bay. Know the different benefits of wearing the Gomed Ratna here:

  • It will help you in overcoming your fears, or phobias. Indeed, all the concerns and self-doubts as well. This will also assist you with your confidence and self-belief. You will be more determined and feel more strengthened.

  • The Gomed gemstone will foster your relationships and bring harmony as well as love. The communication between your bonds will increase will lead to a mutual understanding level and so you will gain balance in your relationships.

  • Gomed is also known to improve the financial conditions of the wearer. Bringing wealth and success is another Gomed stone benefit.

  • This stone also improves decision-making skills, creative thinking, and communication skills as well.

  • The healing properties of the hessonite gemstone are another reason to be considering to wear this gemstone. The stone helps in physical recovery, improves the immune system, and cures any problems related to digestion. The stone also helps in balancing the endocrine system, providing relief from allergies and skin conditions and lessening conditions that affect the respiratory system.

To get the maximum benefits of Gomed Ratna, you should wear the stone by following the proper procedure. Know the complete Vedic pooja Process here – How to Wear Hessonite Stone Benefits, Price, and Origin

Gomed Stone Price 

The price of Gomed stone is quite high. This is because of its high demand and market value. The Hessonite gemstone is one of the Navratnas, which are the most powerful 9 gemstones. So, a good quality and original Gomed stone will not be found below the price range of INR 1,204 per carat.

The price of hessonite stone in India can go as high as up to INR 27,810 per carat. And above based on a number of aspects. The quality, cut, color, clarity, carat, and origin of the Gomed, all will have an effect on the price range.


Creativity, confidence, peace of mind, and much more. There are a lot of benefits of the hessonite stone that you will get after wearing one. The most beneficial one might be the removal of the Rahu Mahadasha. You should get your Kundli checked and wear this stone to make sure of the suitability of the stone with the alignment of your planets. Once you will wear this stone, you will start seeing the changes in your life.

Buy a natural Gomed Ratna from a reputable and trustworthy seller of loose gemstones like Rashi Ratan Bhagya. Their wide collection of gemstones is best to choose for a perfect gemstone for yourself or your loved ones. Other gemstones that you can buy from them are Manik, Neelam, Panna, Pukhraj, Opal, Lehsuniya, etc. All the gemstones are provided with a lab certificate for their authenticity.

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