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Go Unique: The Traditional Indian Womens Garments Seller

Play with colours and beautiful designer blouses of Go unique and make everyone fall in love with you and your dressing sense. We make bridal blouses and daily wear blouses in all sizes and colours.

Many of you have seen the embroidery and heavy celebrity style blouses in photos and television and wanted to buy them but you don’t know where to buy them so don’t worry,our team has a variety of trendy and viral blouse collections .

Viral blouses work like aari work,maggam work, printed work, thread work,and stone work. These are the most selled blouses that most of the brides prefer to wear.

Design, colour as well as fitting plays an equal role for a perfect traditional look,if you have worn any old fashioned design blouse with I’ll fitted fabric then it is gonna look very bad . Our team has made all types of blouses with different types of sizes and colours to make every woman’s face full of happiness and comfortness.

As our brand name Go unique we made unique blouses that suit every woman’s and gives a different kind of vibe on their special day.

The very first example of the viral and trendy design is this blouse in the above image that this gorgeous model is wearing.

I am loving the amazing way of styling it with simple silk saree and minimal jewellery. This blouse is an example of a perfect traditional look. 

If you see the neck area it’s is of sweetheart shape for a new and fancy touch to your look. Used small golden stones and white beads to decorate the borders. Small golden stones on some part of chest to cover the area and to give a new look. There is also shiny golden fabric while making this blouse for a different type of vibe in the party,it would shine when light would be reflect and give you a highlighted look. 

If we see the hand part then it is the most highlighted and heavy part of the whole blouse. White and golden stones making flowers and unique lining work for a trendy touch in it.

In this picture you can clearly see the beautiful back design look how alluring and stylish it is looking. This parrot green colour suits most of the skintone.

You can see the amazing work of beautiful shiny stones making stars design and borders.

You can also add some of your favourite latkans matching your saree.

For this blouse choose any heavy or simple saree and create a trendy look with that.

Don’t worry about any type of damage or low quality blouses from our brand we made and use only high quality fabric and items while designing the blouses.

We have add a little bit of our hardwork and dedication to make and highlight our beautiful tradition more glamourous and to make all the brides face full of happiness. Your trust is our responsibility to make more and more blouses so that every bride should wear our blouses and addd our 

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