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Get Unmarried Certificate Pakistan Online

Single Status Certificate in Pakistan:

AdvocateinLahore is an online portal that facilitate you to get your Single Status Certificate in Pakistan, Unmarried Certificate in Pakistan. AdvocateinLahore is a Lahore based Law Firm providing Single status certificate in Pakistan, Unmarried certificate in Pakistan, Divorce Certificate in Pakistan and Visa services for Pakistani nationals. We are the leading law firm with a team of lawyers who have years of experience in handling legal issues and can provide you professional help at all levels.

Advocate in Lahore:

AdvocateinLahore is an online platform to obtain Unmarried certificate in Pakistan, Single Status Certificate in Pakistan and many other documents related to the subject. We provide complete assistance from filling the application form till obtaining your document from any of the government departments.

A Single Status Certificate:

A Single status certificate is a document or a letter issued by a government authority or a legal institution. There are many reasons that may require a person to get this certificate. It confirms if a particular man or a woman is single or married. This is issued by the government authorities according to the Islamic Laws in Pakistan. This certificate is necessary in the matters like getting passport and visa, to apply for loan, to get a job and many other official matters. It is issued from the Federal Ombudsmen in Islamabad. The applicant has to submit all the documents that prove he or she is single, such as CNIC, Degree Certificate, Residence Proof, Affidavit etc. The fee for this certificate is fifty dollars and the duration of this certificate is two months.

Government of Pakistan:

The Single Status Certificate is a certificate issued by the government of Pakistan to a woman who has been married and is single. The document serves as a declaration that a woman has never been married. The woman may have been widowed, divorced or separated, but she must have never been married. Some women may have married, had their marriage dissolved by divorce, and then re-married. In that case, the second marriage will be considered null and void and the woman will be eligible to apply for a single status certificate.


Single Status Certificate is used for proving that the applicant is a single person. In order to get this certificate, you will have to submit the following documents: The application form with the passport sized photograph attached. Passport copy. Proof of your marital status (like divorce decree if you’re divorced or marriage certificate if you’re married). Recent bank statement of your account.

Status of a Person:

The Single Status Certificate is issued by the Government of Pakistan in order to facilitate the process of determining the status of a person. It is issued to the applicant by the Federal Government. Unmarried certificate may also be issued by the Provincial Government according to the instructions issued by the Federal Government. The certificate may be issued in all cases where the parties to the proceedings are residents of two or more provinces or where they are residents of a foreign country or where the issue of whether the parties to a proceeding are already married or not, is in doubt.

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