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Get The Cardboard Advent Calendar Boxes At Wholesale

Cardboard advent calendar material:

Do you want to personalize a custom advent calendar with cardboard material? But it should be pure and durable. Then you are contacting with right packaging solution. We have 100% raw, eco-friendly and sturdy cardboard material for cardboard advent calendar box. It has resisting properties and does not let moisture affect its durability. Compared to other materials, cardboard material is economical. As it’s environmentally friendly, you can recycle your extra stock and use it for other purposes. The edge point is that it does not lose its durability after recycling.

Empty cardboard advent calendar box:

Advent calendars are a good suggestion to gift someone before Christmas. He can hang it with the wall chains. Or keep it in the gallery or guest room as decoration. But the advent calendar boxes must be fully packed for a surprising feel. You can buy our gift-themed empty advent calendar boxes to pack advent calendars elegantly. We customize it with

Durable box style:

You can customize an empty cardboard advent calendar box in any shape. We will make it in accurate dimensions to cover extra space. You can use

  1. Two-piece box style
  2. Sleeve and tray box style
  3. Straight tuck-in box style
  4. Tuck front box style

Dazzling PMS and CMYK colored designs:

You can choose any design and combo; we make it attractive for the buyer through elegant designs. If it is a Christmas-themed gift box, you can create snowflakes, jingle bells, and other creatures representing or symbolizing that precious day. If you want simplicity, you can print the box red, symbolizing the Santa clause.

Eye-catchy colored Ribbons:

We covered up the empty advent calendar box with colored ribbons. You can craft ribbon flowers, too, for a surprising feel. If it’s for Christmas, you can tie red ribbons. You can also use golden strips and

Sparkling Stamp foiling:

The buyer or the taker must remember the manufacturer who made these beautiful boxes. You can customize your brand name through stamp foiling. We have silver foiling to give the snowflakes and snowmen a gleaming shine. You can apply red stamp foiling s on the Santa and red apples. You can go with gold foiling for the jingle bells and magical creatures. It gives a goldish shine to the desired image or design.

Get mother appreciation to Personalize advent calendar chocolate:

Do you want to get mother appreciation through a custom advent calendar? You can write motivational quotes for their kids inside the shelf whenever they open it and share it with their mom. She will impress a lot by your ideas and will prefer to buy custom advent calendars from your shop. It can be more exciting and impressive if you fill the tiny shelve with chocolate bars. You can keep sweets, tiny toys, and candies too.

 Affordable Personalized advent calendar wholesale:

Do you want to personalized advent calendar? We can do so for you. We will provide you with fully customized advent calendar boxes at economical rates. You can buy in bulk too with a flat discount these days. Nowadays, advent calendars are in demand due to Christmas. Get the benefit of that opportunity and earn extra profit with little investment.

Why iCustomboxes for personalized advent calendars?

We have to spend time in the packaging industry. We are well known for our reliable services. When you choose us for your product customization, you always get your orders on time with free shipment chargers. We provide you with durable material at cheap rates. You can’t find both at the same time. Some have cheap rates than us but with low quality, and some have good quality but high rates.

Moreover, we provide free 3D or 2d samples before production so you can assure of what you are getting. We are concerned about your problems, so we give you a chance to talk with our experts and get free advice.

Uneeb Khan
Uneeb Khan
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