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Get Services of Dar Ul Aman Lahore for female

DarUl Aman Lahore for female:

If you want to go in darul aman Lahore for female through lawyers in Lahore, you may contact Aazad Law Associates. Any woman who has been the victim of any kind or threat of violence, including physical, psychological, or sexual violence, and anyone who is facing threats to her life can reside in the darul aman Lahore for female through lawyers in Lahore when she has given the necessary consent. 

Dar Ul Aman With Kids:

 Residents who seek refuge in the Dar-ul-Aman with kids under two are allowed to remain within the institution. Each Dar-ul Aman is required to keep an appropriate record of the admission of every resident. The darul aman Lahore for female through lawyers in Lahore Incharge will make sure that the admission form is signed and completed by each resident, without coercion or pressure.

 A person applying to be admitted must contain the following information:

 The name, age, and residence of the applicant The main reason to seek shelter A free and voluntary agreement to live in the shelter Willingness to follow all rules and regulations of the shelter If there’s a criminal charge filed against the applicant or is she required to be investigated in any of these cases, Information about any criminal or civil lawsuit and whether legal assistance is needed: The name and the age of the minor children with the applicant with a statement discharging the institution of any liability, with the exception of the providing of facilities.

Lawyer in Lahore:

The applicants to darul aman Lahore for female through lawyers in Lahore must place their thumb impressions on the application, even in the event that they have already previously signed the same. 9.1.8 The Incharge must make sure that every resident is familiar with the rules and procedure before signing the admission form and signs an informed consent to follow these rules. 9.1.9 9.1.9 The darul aman Lahore for female through lawyers in Lahore Incharge is not responsible in any civil or criminal instances involving the awarding of admission to residents.


The Incharge will only be summoned by the court and also when her presence is required in the interests of justice. 9.1.10 Women may be admitted to the darul aman Lahore for female through lawyers in Lahore at any time during the day and at night by the Incharge, or in her absence, by the Assistant Incharge during work hours as well as by any member of staff on duty in the event of admission after working hours. Admission forms must be given by the Incharge or Assistant Incharge to any person working in the case being on duty outside of working hours and also on days off. 9.1.11 If a woman fails to meet the above criteria or suffers from a severe illness or mental disorder and/or is at risk of putting herself in danger, the health of other residents, she cannot be admitted. The decision of women who do not have possession of a court recommendation to remain in the Dar-ul-Aman will be taken within three days by the in-charge, after consulting the legal adviser as well as the doctor as well as the psychologist at the Dar-ul-Aman.

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