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Get Divorce Certificate Online? Official Guide

Get Divorce Certificate Online:

If you want to get divorce certificate online or Nadra marriage certificate online, you may contact us. Muslim ladies have the option to get divorce by the courts. The grounds for divorce: In Section 2 of this Act is that a woman who has been who is married under Muslim law is entitled to get a decree granting the dissolution of their marriage after having divorce certificate online or Nadra marriage certificate online on one or one or more of the following reasons which include. I) that the location of the husband has not been discovered for the past four years and the second) it is the case that the spouse has omitted or failed to pay the wife with food and clothing for an amount of two years and the third) in the event that the spouse was sent to prison for seven years or more Iv) it is the case that the man been unable to fulfill, with no just cause the marital obligations he has contracted for an amount of three years or more; vi) in the event that the man was ineffective during the marriage and remains as such after divorce certificate online or Nadra marriage certificate online; vii)

Marriage license:

 it is the case that the man is insane for two years or suffers from leprosy or an incredibly virulent venereal disease and the vii) that she was granted the marriage license from her parents or another guardian prior to her reaching 15 years old she renounced the marriage before reaching the age of 18 years, provided the marriage is not completed and vi) The husband treat her with cruelty, which is to say, regularly abuses her or makes her miserable by committing a cruel act,

Nadra Marriage Certificate:

Even before divorce certificate online or Nadra marriage certificate online though the behavior is not a result of physical harm; or associates with women with a bad reputation or lives a life of ominous fame or attempts to make her live an unmoral lifestyle; and/or disposes of the property, or stops her from using her legal rights over it, or hinders her practice of her religion or practices; or, when he has more wives than one, fails to treat her fairly in accordance of the injunctions issued by the Quran (ix)

Dissolving Marriages:

 for any other reason that is accepted as acceptable for dissolving marriages in accordance with Muslim law for divorce certificate online or Nadra marriage certificate online. However,there is no decree made on the basis (iii) before the decree is made final.

Date of Decree:

 A decree passed on the ground (i) is not in effect for six months following the date of the decree. If the husband shows up by himself or via an agent authorized to do so during this time and is able to convince the Court that he is able to fulfill his duties as a husband and obligations, the Court will set aside the decree and, prior to passing any decree on grounds (v) that Court may, upon application by the husband, issue an order that requires the husband to prove to the Court within one year after the date of such order that he is no longer considered to be ineffective

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