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FRCPath books: Preparation tips to follow 

You may be interested to appear for the FRCPath exams. You need to proper guidance to know how you should go ahead with the preparation for this exam. There are exclusive tips provided by the experts that allow you to stay at the top and overcome hindrances during your preparation. 

Develop schedule study

This is vital to gain confidence in your knowledge gained. It will be useful to start studying for the Frcpath Part 1 Histopathology exam at least three months in advance. You need to spend 2 to 3 hours a day on weekdays to study and 5 to 7 hours during weekends. It will be beneficial if you already have gained some knowledge before. 

Plan your study

It can help you to reduce your study hours for the exam. It is not humanely possible to constantly focus for several hours at a stretch. Hence, schedule your study in such a manner that you find it convenient and comfortable. Do not stress yourself unnecessarily. Do what best suits you and allows you to reach your optimum. 

Leading to the examination

It is important to revise the entire syllabus for both the parts. Hence, you are to complete studying the entire course 2-3 weeks prior to the exam. Then start revising all the chapters as many times possible. Do remember to revise genetics and problematic topics. Revisions will enhance your confidence and improve your grades significantly. 

Day before the exam

You need to feel de-stressed and have lots of confidence in your abilities. This is only possible if you have done several times revision of the different topics covered. Do relax and have proper, but light meal. Ease yourself and do not rush to do things. If possible, avoid getting stressed or worked out. Hit the bed early and in relaxed mode and get good sleep at night. 

Check revision materials

Refer to useful FRCPath books and mark them as you study the important topics and points. Notes do come handy for last moment revision. So do markings and highlighting of vital points. Several books are available in the market that you may purchase or get them from the nearest library. You may even borrow from colleagues or friends. You might also consider joining a good institution that offers coaching sessions to help you to be better prepared.

Materials to study

You can search the web for valuable materials on the topics covered in the exam. You are sure to find lots of MCQs that are relevant to the exam and can help with your preparation. But then sticking to a single book will not help you get better grades in the tough Part 1 exam. You will require referring to multiple books. Proper revision will be essential to get better grades. 

Old presentations

Registering with a reputed institution will allow you to get access to previous presentations of FRCPath Part 1 course. You can go through them and revise the different topics covered. It also includes practicing MCQs relevant to the topics you plan to study. It can prove to be more than useful in the last moment preparation where you get to revise much faster and cover everything.

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